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  1. When setting up a lattice optimisation you have a "Mindim" option which when selected and export appears as MEMBSIZ in the solver deck. What does this so and how does it compare to the lattice parameter MINRAD? Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi Prakash, I understand but when I carry out a topology optimisation no .grid file is generated?
  3. Afternoon, Can someone help me on how to obtain a .grid file from my topology study for the OSSmooth tool? Thanks Tom
  4. Afternoon, Is there a way to visualise the tapered lattice beams within HyperMesh? I am currently only seeing the beams with consistent cross section. Thanks Tom
  5. Hi Prakash, The loads are already applied to the element nodes with the same problem Tom
  6. Can anybody help with this? I am still having the same problem after trying multiple solutions?
  7. If you are referring to the 4_bending_lattice file I also see the same. I believe this could be because the lattice type used results in the nodes where the force being removed? Is this correct?
  8. Still achieve the same result with 0 compliance 4_bending_lattice.out
  9. Afternoon, I am comparing the different types of lattice using a simple volfrac and compliance study with both a compression and bending load case. Lattice types 1 and 3 ran without problem. Lattice type 2 failed in stage 2 ever after deleting the line below ran without problems for both the bending and compression runs. CONTACT 2 FREEZE 21 31OPENGAP NO + N2S SMALL NO NO .F *** ERROR # 1479 *** in the input data: Incorrectly formatted numeric data in field 7. (If it is a character field, it should start with a letter.) Lattice type 4 failed with the same error however when I deleted the line below causing the error the model ran but generated a compliance of 0 for both the bending and compression runs. CONTACT 2 FREEZE 21 31OPENGAP NO + N2S SMALL NO NO .F I have attached both the start file, second stage file and output file for the bending study of lattice type 2 and 4. Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks in advance, Tom
  10. Afternoon, Could somebody please tell me the difference between "Stress Value" and "Stress Constraint" within the lattice optimisation tool? The first is in the design variable creation and the second found in the lattice parameters. Thanks in advance, Tom
  11. No I didn't remesh the model. How/where would I add the PARAM>> CHECKEL>> NO?
  12. Hi, I'm trying to learn how to use the lattice optimisation tool on Optistruct and I've had success using volume fraction as the constraint and compliance as the objective on a tutorial model. However for my project I need to use compliance as the constraint and minimise mass as the objective but when I try this on the tutorial model I get the following "Error 8006 in datamr() during "locate" operation." Any ideas on where I'm going wrong? Files attached Thanks in advance, Tom ControlArm_Smooth_Mass.fem ControlArm_Smooth_Mass_oss_lattice.fem ControlArm_Smooth_Mass_oss_lattice.out ControlArm_Smooth_Mass.out
  13. Hello, I'm trying to mesh a simple rectangular beam (200mmx50mmx50mm) with a uniform mesh throughout as seen in the example photo. When I carry out a 5mm volume tetra mesh it generates uniform elements on the surfaces but this is not the case inside as seen in the attached photo. How can I achieve a uniform element pattern throughout as seen in the example photo? Thanks in advance, Tom
  14. Hi, I've been provided with a hm model and need to carry out some geometry changes. However, the component I have been given is 3D tetrameshed without any surfaces. Is there anyway I can generate a surface from the provided tetra? I've tried using the surface from FE function but as I only have a 3D this wouldn't work. Thanks in advance, Tom
  15. Hello, I'm currently running through tutorial OS-3300: Using the lattice optimization process in optistruct. I have run the studies with various porosity and want to compare the mass of the interations. However, I am struggling to understand the unit system used as Density for the material is at 7.9*10^-9? Does anyone know what uniots have been used? Thanks in advance, Tom
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