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  1. Hi Prakash, I tried 0.05 but when I used this there is nothing happen and I do not have any flow. you can see this in the attached files p7.h3d p7_0000.rad p7_0001.rad
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you so much. but now I have another problem. I have attached a simple model from what I want to explain my problem. I used inlet/ outlet sph to create pressure in the entrance of pipe; however, the interface between pipe (lateral) and water does not work and it depends on Gapmin ( minimum gap). would you please tell me how should I select the best Gapmin? since when I select .001 there is not any flow in the pipe. Best, Sara p16.h3d model.hm
  3. Hello, I have a pipe which is full of water ( water is modeled by SPH method) I want to apply pressure on the water inside the pipe. I mean I want to apply pressure on SPH particles. What should I do? Since In Hypermesh ( Radioss) I can apply pressure just on contact surface and set surface not on the nodes. Would you please help me and suggest me a way which I can apply pressure on the water? one of the way which I tried to increase the pressure is , applying temperature to the water but It dose not show any result. Should I have consider special setting when I apply temperature to SHP particles? I appreciate your help. Best, sara
  4. Hello, I want to create sph in the half of the box, outside the pipe ( a photo was attached).( I do not want to have sph inside the pipe). I used automesh to mesh them as well. I selected the box and pipe and then in volume definition I selected pipe as an exclude enclosed. But the sph was not generated and I got an error which says '' No volume selected for meshing''. would you please help me. I appreciate your help. Best, sara
  5. Hello, I go though this route to remove fixed point but they do not selected and remove. How can I hide or remove fixed point to have a great geometry view? Best , sara
  6. Thank you so much. Please let me know if you get any new information. I appreciate your help, always .
  7. thank you so much George. But I need some information about how can I select C1,C2,C3,.... in fluid such as fuel. At this theory manual just explain about gases. I want to know based on what I have to define the pressure equation in law 6. would you please give me another source? Best, sara
  8. Hello, I want to consider suitable values for constant parameters coefficients (c1,c2,...) in LAW6 in hypermesh (Radioss) for fuel. where can I find the best values or how can I consider the best values which simulate the fuel in the best way. Best, sara
  9. Thank you Sanjay. I updated it and it fixed. Best Regards, Sara
  10. Dear George, I am sorry what is the face extraction? when I import your model in HyperCrash there are two parts, while; my model shows three parts. I attached two pictures which you can see. I did not assign any material and property . But when I checked my model I got Errors related to this part I appreciate your help. Best, Sara
  11. Hi, In the location I had just hmmenu.set I deleted it but now when I open Hypermesh, it said that the menu file ''hmmenu.set'' was not found:( best, sara
  12. Hello, I missed options ( Geo, 1D, 2D,...) in the right side of the Hypermesh ( as you can see in the attached picture). what should I do to return them. I appreciate your help. Sara
  13. Dear George, Thank you so much. I got it. would you please explain how you fix it? I have 3 parts but, in your model you have 2 parts. how you keep the csurf at SPH inlets /outles conditions without having it in part section. Best, Sara
  14. Dear George, I Finally i modeled example -22( ditching using SPH). I got Error ID 495. I checked material , property compatibility but it does not work. What should I do to fix this? Best Regards, Sara
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