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  1. Thanks for your reply. There is no small patch in this region. I used to translate an element but made a mistake, which causes a small element in this region. I want to delete this element but I can't choose this element because there are two layers elements in this region. I don't know how to mask the top layer elements. Hopes for ur reply. Thanks again. hoo
  2. Dear all: I don't know the reason why there are two layers elements generated in this area. I want to delete the small sub-layer one (The element in Figure 2 is what I want to delete). How can I do that? Thanks~ BR, Yuchi Kang
  3. Hi. There is a problem with my case. I created an outer circle with the diameter 0.0074mm and the inner circle is 0.007mm. Create a surface between the two circles in order to generate the boundary layer. The lines from the iges file were deleted after the meshing is OK. I want to create the boundary conditions such as inlet, outlet etc.. I use Tools-edges-find edges to create edges based on the mesh. However, 2 circles are still generated as edges. One can see the blue line and the red line. I don't want Hypermesh to find the red line. How can I do that? Thanks~~~~ 10rows-0.07mm-60deg-200elements.hm
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