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  1. If there are tires which are rested on the ground. To simulate this, I was thinking of considering ground as a rigid plane over which wheels are placed. What type of connection should be considered for line contact between tires and ground? Wheather a tie contact can be considered?
  2. How to calculate reaction force and moment at various constraints in nonlinear dynamic analysis.? suggest with proper output block?
  3. I have time history of nonlinear dynamic analysis file to hypergraph and the various energy curves w.r.t time. I am unable to interpret energy curves like ( total energy, kinetic energy, internal energy, hourglass energy) How could I get confirm if my simulation results are correct by the means of these curves. One more thing, in many FEA books (such as practical aspects of FEA) they talk wrt Potential energy but there are no such plots for potential energy in global variables. Please suggest me to reach to the conclusions.
  4. 1-D/connector/seam a) I want to transform load and displacement from one component to other as shown below without any input property. in seam weld which type should be prefer.? b)also in 3-D both the component having a surface contact because of mid-surface there is some gap is obtained between these two component. Is there any need to give contacts between these two components.?
  5. The 3-D body surface subjected to time varying pressure load. I want stress and displacement analysis. which control card should prefer and how to generate the engine file on hypermesh 2017 radios.?
  6. how to applied time varying pressure load on 3-D body in optistruct. a)please explain which load collector are used to applied this time varying pressure load? b)This 3-D body is connected to other various 2-D and 1-D element. which load step should be more preferable?
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