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  1. Hi can you send me this hm. file?
  2. Can you explain or give me one link (video if you have) where somebody is meshing it manually using element drag or other? Ps: I am using HyperWorks 13.0. Thank you for your help. Best regards
  3. Thank you for your help, It was me that introduce this problem in both ways, thank you for your help. Best regard.
  4. Another question. I am analysing this shape in FEM analyses where i apply four forces on vertices of top, in Z direction, with constrains on vertices of bottom. do i need to mesh it all or just one part? I really thank you for your help. Best regards.
  5. I tried do it, but in the last volume it allways appear as impossible do mappable. It refers like this '' Non-mappable(2): along-faces from 1 loops, need 2" . I tried to meshing it with tetramesh, and it works, but i am comparing values and i need meshing it like solid map. Thank you for your help. PS: How can i slice it in two or four, because it is symmetric.
  6. Hello i am trying to solidmap the next geometry with solid map but it isn't working. I am trying to trim as said in other forums, but in last volume it appears like non-mappable. thank you for the help V0.hm
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