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  1. Hi Tinh, Thank you. I am using that option only. As I mentioned, when we align the element orientation, the normals getting reversed.
  2. Hi Guys, Thank you for feedback. But unfortunately, this is not what I am looking for. The material is metallic, not composite. element normal are in one direction, but the element orientations are not. This is the problem. If I make orientation in one direction, normals getting disturbed. Hope my problem is clear now.
  3. Hi Experts, I am just a beginner and faced the below problem. for one of the metallic part model, I have different element orientations for elements (It is not consistent for elements of same part which modelled by automesh option). If I make them using N1-N2 ,. Though it is a metallic material part, my customer would like to get it consistent. Is there any way to do this? Finally I need to assign all nodes to a cylindrical coordinate system. Will it create again the problem with element orientation. Please support with your suggestions. I m using 2017.2 version. Thanks and Regards Nithin
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