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  1. No. I wasn't able to figure out if the issue was with the data base model I created or with the solver pre-processing. I'm guessing it's with the model, so I just moved on for now. Thanks.
  2. Running from AcuConsole, AcuMeshSim generates the following message in Error Window: Traceback (most recent call last): File "pnlWin.py", line 944, in funcTool File "pnlTools.py", line 244, in toolGenMesh File "pnlToolsAcuMeshSim.py", line 120, in __init__ File "pnlToolsAcuMeshSim.py", line 463, in genMesh File "pnlToolsAcuMeshSim.py", line 576, in exportAmsFile File "pnlAmsExport.py", line 120, in exportFile File "GlobalMeshAttributes.py", line 244, in cmdOutGlobalMeshAttributes File "pnlScope.py", line 775, in <lambda> File "pnlAmsExport.py", line 719, in outWriteCadInfo pnlAmsExportError: 'Error from ams export module: <Unable to retrieve cad data> ' In the working folder, __cad_dir.zip is created instead if a CAD.DIR folder containing the Parasolid file that AcuMeshSim requires. The __cad_dir.zip is not a readable .zip file. No mesh is generated for the model data base. I haven't found the python script file "pnlAmsExport.py" to see what it's doing.
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