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  1. Hello Aman Mahajan, I hope you don't mind a late response to this topic, but I had a similar issue and found a quick and nifty way to do it. I'll leave it here so if anybody else has this question in the future, they can use this post as reference. To probe results from the screen: 1. Draw a contour plot of whatever it is you want to probe as a result (e.g. stress, strain, temperature, etc); 2. In Hyperview, add a new 'note', attach it to an 'entity', select 'element' in the drop-down and click the element you want your probe on; 3. On the 'Field Names' box, select 'entity contour value' and click on 'Insert Field'. This sould put an entry of the likes of '{entity.contour_val} ' on the 'Description' Field; 4. Enter any other text you want (I like to enter the units, for example), and click 'Apply'; When you click 'Apply', a note will be shown on your screen, pointing to that element with the desired contour value and any other text you entered in the 'Description' box. I hope it helps. Kind Regards, Eduardo
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