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  1. Hi all, I usually have a session saved with all the contour and legend options set. When I open the session in Hyperview, I can see that in the most cases the plot is not updated. I don't know how to explain well, it is as if Hyperview doesn't apply the contour and legend options in a correct form. When this happens, I have to do an extra task, which is (you can see in the image I attach): - Select the component displayed - Apply the contour options I don't have to set any option (because all options are set already when I open the session), I only have to do the two options I describe. But if I have many windows in Hyperview, I waste a lot of time doing this. Does anyone know why this happens or how can I solve the problem? Maybe there is a way to do a tcl script which can do these actions? Thanks in advance, Alex
  2. Hi vipin, I have read the thread but I am not able to select faces which contain elements. Next image show what I get when I use the cmd that tinh suggested, an all seems good until I try to click faces (I can'tselect anyone).
  3. Hi all, I am trying to use the commands to detect holes (hole detection module) but sometimes I get an error. I suppose that it is only necessary to write the command hm_holedetectioninit and hm_holedetectionend once, which I write at the beginning and at the end of my script, respectively. I have some loops which work with some info about the found holes. But when I am running the script I get next error: "First use hm_holedetectioninit command to initiate hole detection" Does anyone know why I get this error? Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. Hi all, Is there a way to select elements by face, like in the image below, depending on the face angle? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi tinh, I want to do a free body cut with an external script and it needs this info. Maybe it's so complicated that it's not worth thinking about how to do it.
  6. Hi all, I would like to get elements from one component and only one side attached to certain nodes selected. I am able to get elements from one component (with *findmark and hm_getentityinfo commands), but I don't know how to get only elements from one side... Is it possible? This is the input: I want this output (I show two views of the same model):
  7. Hi vipin, I think that could work but I forget to say another restriction. I show it in the image below: Is there any possibility to specify a "break angle" which allows to put more temp nodes, like in the image?
  8. Hi all, I am creating a new script which detects joints between several components and identifies the start node and the end node. I show an example in the image below: I am able to detect all joints with the *findmark command, but I don't know how to identify the node which "starts" or "ends" the joint. The start/end nodes are those which have temp nodes in the image. Can anyone help me to do this? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance, Alex
  9. Ok tinh, so then I won't put the progress bar... I need to show if the script is running or not, because HyperMesh freezes in a short period of time, so I will put a text showing "running" and it will update when the script finish. Do you think is a good way? Or could be better?
  10. Hi tinh, "body" would correspond with the old script I mentioned before. There a lot of loops, and nested loops. I added update cmd like you said, and now I can see that the progress bar is working, but I can notice sometimes it get stuck. I wonder if there is a way to resolve this... Another question, update command makes the script runs slower? Thanks you tinh
  11. Hi all, I am trying to create my first GUI for an old script I did, and I don't know if I am doing in the best way. The GUI has a progress bar indeterminate (in the future I would want to do determinate), which should start when the user press a button and should stop when the script finish. However, when the script is running, GUI freezes and progress bar doesn't update. I have the GUI and the script in two different procedures, like this (only the relevant info is showed, but I can show the whole script): proc interface {} { # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # set progress_frame [hwtk::labelframe $gui.progress_frame -text "Progress" -padding 5] pack $progress_frame -padx 1 -pady 3 -anchor n -fill x -side top set progress [hwtk::progressbar $progress_frame.progress -mode indeterminate -length 350] pack $progress # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # set button_start [hwtk::button $bottom_frame.button_start -text "BURN IT!" -width 10 -command [list BarCommand start $progress_frame.progress]] pack $button_start -pady 1 -padx 3 -anchor e -side right -ipadx 4 -ipady 2 } proc BarCommand {op args} { foreach w $args { $w $op } update main } proc main {} { # A lot of commands here } I have only found two topics related with problem: Unfreeze the HyperMesh GUI (I added command "update" in the proc) Progress bar / status bar creation inside HM But the GUI is still not working. I add command "update" in the proc which is changing the progress bar, but it doesn't work. The GUI is like the one I show in the image below. I think I am missing something but I don't know what... Thanks in advance, Alex
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