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  1. Can you close this topic, please? I found the solution.
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to create a new system defined by the user in an ODB file, which will be rectangular and will be created by three nodes, but I'm not able to find the commands to do that in HyperView. Could you give me hand? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, I usually have a session saved with all the contour and legend options set. When I open the session in Hyperview, I can see that in the most cases the plot is not updated. I don't know how to explain well, it is as if Hyperview doesn't apply the contour and legend options in a correct form. When this happens, I have to do an extra task, which is (you can see in the image I attach): - Select the component displayed - Apply the contour options I don't have to set any option (because all options are set already when I open the session), I only have to do the two options I describe. But if I have many windows in Hyperview, I waste a lot of time doing this. Does anyone know why this happens or how can I solve the problem? Maybe there is a way to do a tcl script which can do these actions? Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. Hi vipin, I have read the thread but I am not able to select faces which contain elements. Next image show what I get when I use the cmd that tinh suggested, an all seems good until I try to click faces (I can'tselect anyone).
  5. Hi all, I am trying to use the commands to detect holes (hole detection module) but sometimes I get an error. I suppose that it is only necessary to write the command hm_holedetectioninit and hm_holedetectionend once, which I write at the beginning and at the end of my script, respectively. I have some loops which work with some info about the found holes. But when I am running the script I get next error: "First use hm_holedetectioninit command to initiate hole detection" Does anyone know why I get this error? Thanks in advance, Alex
  6. Hi all, Is there a way to select elements by face, like in the image below, depending on the face angle? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi tinh, I want to do a free body cut with an external script and it needs this info. Maybe it's so complicated that it's not worth thinking about how to do it.
  8. Hi all, I would like to get elements from one component and only one side attached to certain nodes selected. I am able to get elements from one component (with *findmark and hm_getentityinfo commands), but I don't know how to get only elements from one side... Is it possible? This is the input: I want this output (I show two views of the same model):
  9. Hi vipin, I think that could work but I forget to say another restriction. I show it in the image below: Is there any possibility to specify a "break angle" which allows to put more temp nodes, like in the image?
  10. Hi all, I am creating a new script which detects joints between several components and identifies the start node and the end node. I show an example in the image below: I am able to detect all joints with the *findmark command, but I don't know how to identify the node which "starts" or "ends" the joint. The start/end nodes are those which have temp nodes in the image. Can anyone help me to do this? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance, Alex
  11. Ok tinh, so then I won't put the progress bar... I need to show if the script is running or not, because HyperMesh freezes in a short period of time, so I will put a text showing "running" and it will update when the script finish. Do you think is a good way? Or could be better?
  12. Hi tinh, "body" would correspond with the old script I mentioned before. There a lot of loops, and nested loops. I added update cmd like you said, and now I can see that the progress bar is working, but I can notice sometimes it get stuck. I wonder if there is a way to resolve this... Another question, update command makes the script runs slower? Thanks you tinh
  13. Hi all, I am trying to create my first GUI for an old script I did, and I don't know if I am doing in the best way. The GUI has a progress bar indeterminate (in the future I would want to do determinate), which should start when the user press a button and should stop when the script finish. However, when the script is running, GUI freezes and progress bar doesn't update. I have the GUI and the script in two different procedures, like this (only the relevant info is showed, but I can show the whole script): proc interface {} { # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # set progress_frame [hwtk::labelframe $gui.progress_frame -text "Progress" -padding 5] pack $progress_frame -padx 1 -pady 3 -anchor n -fill x -side top set progress [hwtk::progressbar $progress_frame.progress -mode indeterminate -length 350] pack $progress # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # set button_start [hwtk::button $bottom_frame.button_start -text "BURN IT!" -width 10 -command [list BarCommand start $progress_frame.progress]] pack $button_start -pady 1 -padx 3 -anchor e -side right -ipadx 4 -ipady 2 } proc BarCommand {op args} { foreach w $args { $w $op } update main } proc main {} { # A lot of commands here } I have only found two topics related with problem: Unfreeze the HyperMesh GUI (I added command "update" in the proc) Progress bar / status bar creation inside HM But the GUI is still not working. I add command "update" in the proc which is changing the progress bar, but it doesn't work. The GUI is like the one I show in the image below. I think I am missing something but I don't know what... Thanks in advance, Alex
  14. PERFECT! Understood! I really thank you!
  15. Hi Sanjay, Thank you for your response. Could you give me an example with a picture please? I am not sure if I've understood your explanation.
  16. Hi all, Does anyone know how to apply a uniformly distributed load along the edge of several elements? For example, I want to apply a load of 50 N/m along this nodes (see image) Thanks in advance, Alex
  17. Awesome! Really thank you.
  18. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a tool in Hypermesh which says the average element size of a 2D mesh? I could use the measure tool and get the distance between two nodes of an element, but I am interested in get the average of all elements. Thanks in advance, Alex
  19. Sorry, I forgot to say that I am using Abaqus as solver, instead of Optistruct.
  20. Hi, I have a little problem with exporting local coordinate systems. I need them to postprocess welds but I don't use them in the analysis, so I must assign at least one node to the system that I have created. I do it by using this menu: Once I have assigned the nodes to the system (with "set displacemente" button), I export the model and I get a piece of code from the exported file like this: *TRANSFORM, TYPE=R, NSET=HM_auto_transform_14AA0 -4.463E-08, -0.9995139, 0.03117584, -1.0 , 1.4901E-08, -9.537E-07 **HMORIENT ORIGIN 3.2 ,-1.324 ,-0.18998 I was wondering if there is a way to export a local coordinate system with a NSET previously created in HyperMesh by using TCL. I know you can do this changing the button in HyperMesh (like I show in the image below), but when I try to do this with tcl commands, HM ignores it. Furthermore, in the command file this action is not recorded. I was trying with this: set name [hm_getstring "Name=" "Please specify a name for the NSET."] *createlistbypathpanel nodes 1 "Select nodes to create a weld" set lista [hm_getlist nodes 1] *clearlist nodes 1 *createentity sets name=$name ids={nodes $lista} *createmark systems 1 "by collector id" [hm_info currentcollector systcol] set sistema [hm_getmark systems 1] *createmark sets 1 $name *systemsetanalysis sets 1 $sistema Can someone help me?
  21. Hi tinh, thanks for your answer but finally I could do the script. Anyway, what I had was this (bolt made with several 1d elements): And what I wanted was this (a tag with a ID for the bolt, i.e.5003) : But as I said before I could develop de script. You can delete this topic if you want considering it doesn't contribute to the forum. Many thanks.
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