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  1. Well I found a solution, In the contour Panel, i ticked "Use corner data" and results on scale were revealed. If it can help someone, you're welcome Rem
  2. Hi. i use Hyperview 2017.2. I can open and view 'usual' results ( S, U<NT etc...) from .ODB file for whatever version of my abaqus solving. ( 2016, 14.X. etc). It just seems that i cant visualize the 'step' of FE-Safe which contains Safety factor and other exported results.. Thanks
  3. hi, I would like to know if there is a trick to visualize fatigue results of an .odb file generated by FE-Safe. Because when I load the file to Hyperview, all the results generated are N/A ( Safety Factor , S/UTS etc) but exists when I open the same file into Abaqus Viewer for example. For info, additional fatigue step results is created by FE-SAFE after a required .odb loadcase results. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I would like to have a slight different display of surface set, as you can see this elements set is quite huge and solid (grey) almost as element . I remember from previous versions (or different configuration of display), i could visualize only small and thin triangles indicating that the element was apart from a set. I let you imagine how heavy the screen display can be with assembly and/or multitude of sets. Not sure that this could be depending of the set definition itself, imported from the deck. It is located as group display under the Entity State item but not in the model item. Thank you
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