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  1. Hello everyone, I have question regarding force vs displacement graph. Anyone know how come my result force vs displacement was as below. but i have ramp force vs time as below. Supposed to be the force is directly increasing but my force applied have decreased as time increased. what the problem actually? Thank you.
  2. okayyy..thank you so much Mr George...clear crystals
  3. Hi Mr George.. when i reviewed back you explanation, i'm getting confused. why you put 0.3s instead of 300ms in load time curve since i used ms unit in time? is it means that CLOAD curve already set in seconds? thats why you put 0.3s? then in Tstop i also have to define 0.3s instead of 300ms? thank you.
  4. thank you so much Mr George
  5. Thank you for your reply Mr Rahul , another question is, what is the value that i can put on Tstop on engine file? is it follow the maximum y value in graph? or any idea? Thank you.
  6. Hi, How to plot graph displacement vs force? I want to plot displacement vs force graph but no force parameter in my result. As below is the graph i get from the hyperview result. I hope anyone can help me since i'm not familiar with this software. thank you.
  7. Vioz

    Force unit?

    I used CLOAD in Radioss. Thank you Mr George. You help me alot.
  8. Vioz

    Force unit?

    okay thank you Mr George for your prompt reply Next question is how can i set x axis for time and y axis for load variable? Is the unit is based on my consistency unit? what is the function of this graph in simulation? thank you.
  9. Hello, I'm still new for this software and i want to ask why there is no force unit in my software? i want to set load force in N unit. I only found setting for mass, length and time unit as picture below. I hope anyone can help me. Thank you.
  10. Thank you George for your prompt reply, I'm using quasi static load in implicit analysis. thanks again.
  11. Hello everyone, How to set the amount of load apply using nonlinear solver quasi-newton? can we set it or not? i'm still new in this software. Hope anyone can help me. Thank you.
  12. Alright George, i got it. Thank you for your reply.
  13. Hi George, Thank you for your prompt reply. I had check the engine keywords in the control card but couldn't find. Below image from the utility menu, but there is no engine file that i want to use such as /IMPL/NONLIN/n, IMPL/DT/n, IMPL/NONLIN/N engine file for implicit analysis.
  14. Hi, I'm using altair hyperworks 11.0, i had updated the software to 11.0.130. Can anyone help me how to create engine keywords?
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