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  1. Hi guys, I made a mistake when I build composite material. I wanted to refer the top surface, so I typed 1 in NLOC(picture 1). However, In picture 2, mid-surface was refered. What's wrong with my operation? Thank you very much. picture 1 picture 2
  2. Thank you akitoguc, I found that in .tcl file, "*writefile("D:/Documents/temp.hm", 1)" doesn't work, but "*writefile "D:/Documents/temp.hm" 1 " work, Is it because the TCL file and the MAC file are different?
  3. Thank you Jouher, it work. And I test some times, following coad is work: *beginmacro("macrosave") *writefile(D:\Documents\temp.hm, 1) *answer(yes) *endmacro() Although syntax of “*answer” is "answer yes", but it doesn't work. When I use "*answer(yes)", it work. I don't know why.
  4. Thanks, Jouher, it work. However, how can I call a macro by click a button?
  5. Hi Jouher, only *writefile can work, but I want to create a button, when the button is clicked, macro is called.
  6. Hi guys, I wrote a macro for saving file, but when I click the button, an error message is displayed. How can I fix it? Thank you! The code of the macro: *beginmacro(macrosave) *writefile "D:/Documents/temp.hm" 1 *answer(yes) *endmacro() *createbutton(5, "Save File", 20, 0, 10, GREEN, "Save file", "macrosave") The error message:
  7. Hi,tihn,thank you for your help,it works!
  8. Hi,George P Johnson,nodes>>displayed did not work,too.But I can select nodes by collector.
  9. Thank you,Q.Nguyen-Dai,I will try another computer.
  10. Hi,George P Johnson This is my updates and system: I guess that if I delete some comps,them will leave some nodes...When I selected nodes by all,more nodes were selected.
  11. Hypermesh14,my computer system is windows7.
  12. Hello, When I selected nodes,more nodes are selected,but I didn't create them.I am curious that where are they from?How can I select the nodes I wanted only?thank you.
  13. Hi,George P Johnson Thank you,E-books are great,I had downloaded them.
  14. Hi,akshaysp Thank you for you help,and the picture is very helpful.
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