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  1. Hi Dillon, I just used the normal combine macro in POSTFEKO. Before combining results using the macro it is important to check if the results converged. After the combination one result is created in stored data for each request in the original model. The _1 results is just a copy of the total sweep single result to show all the results. The "cond" variable is also available is an independent axis. Regards Dewald
  2. Hi Dillon, Could you please send us more information from the parameter sweeps that you tried could not reproduce the problem with the current attached xml file. Which version of Feko was used with the script. Regards Dewald Botes
  3. Hello designer, Is it possible that you can attach the model files of what you are trying to export?
  4. Hi Sirajudheen, Under field data, there is the option to import a far field radiation pattern.
  5. Hi Sirajudheen, Is it possible to attach the file you are trying to import?
  6. Hi Derhen, Is it possible to attach the model files that we can have a look at the setup.
  7. Hi Daavid, From Altair Feko + WinProp 2018: The manuals and some examples for WinProp should be in the installation folder, for example ..\Altair\FEKO_WinProp\help\winprop
  8. Hi Nyasha, In which Feko version did you run the script? Did you run the script from POSTFEKO? The PF_ISAR.lua is application specific and should be executed from POSTFEKO.
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