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  1. Hello, You should do Eigenmodes analysis first to see if any rigid modes are there. It's a bad contact or Assembly problem. Then fix it and it should run perfectly.
  2. Hello Prakash, Thanks for your reply. It's working with Inacti 1, but the master surface is penetrating inside the slave surface rather than move\slide with friction. it is not working with Inacti 5 however. I have droped model file, if you could check it? i am also trying to run ELSM in order to perform non-linear large displacement optimization using EXPDYN. I have set control cards for the same, but it is not working.
  3. Hello Prakash, I will make sure mass error is below 3-5%.It worked only with TIE contact, But it's not working when i use frictional conatct with 0.3 mu. I attach output file with error. Could you please check it? Thanks. RubberGasket_Opt1i.out
  4. Thanks Prakash... It's working fast now and got clear idea of time step control perticularly in case of non-linear hyperelastic materials. Thanks for reply. It has worked now.
  5. Hi Prakash, Thanks for your answer. I understand what you have said. But Could you please tell where we can change timestep in OPTISTRUCT as in case of EXPDYN i have only XSTEP LC where i am giving time as described unless NLPARM for Implicit cases. I am confused where should i make change in XSTEP or NLOAD under time option? Will TTERM affect the speed of solution.(i reduced from 1 to 0.005 say). Will EXPDYN also work with FRICTION CONTACT? Thanks a lot...!
  6. Hello! I am trying to do Free Shape Optimization of Large Displacement Non-linear Mooney/ODGEN material using EXPDYN and ultimately ELSM for equaivalent static load method as shown using OPTISTRUCT solver. I have setup model for EXPDYN using MAT1 and MATX42 with XSTEP in Sec with TA0=0.0 and DTA = 0.005 and TTERM = 0.05. I have contact surface defines by FRICTION with nu = 0 & 0.3(case-2). But i am getting error of INITIAL PENETRATION. I have seen earlier answers and removed penetration but still error is there. I have tried with TIE contacts as well.(.OUT and .rad file attached), but it is running for hours and no output is generated till. I want to know where i have made wrong. and If you could tell me how ELSM in OPTISTRUCT works? Could anyone please help me? Thanks in advanse...! RubberGasket_Opti_001.out RubberGasket_Opti_002.out RubberGasket_Opti_rad_s1_0000.rad RubberGasket_Opti_rad_s1_0001.rad
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