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  1. I am solving a conjugate heat transfer problem (Acusolve 13), with the need to import element heat fluxes as boundary conditions on given faces. The heat fluxes are imported to acuconsole from a text file (element, value). No problems until running the solver. Problem #1 - If I use (advanced) element boundary condition heat flux AND simple boundary conditions flag, the simple BC nodal conditions take precedence. Result = no imposed heat flux. (I think.., I can't find a method to view or review the surface flux during post processing) Problem #2 - Unchecking the simple BC command and simply using advanced options element boundary conditions table. Acusolve.exe crashes with no error or warning. Problem #3 - I can't find a method to visualize the heat flux on a surface during post processing to see what AcuSolve actually chose to impose as BC's The solver does not crash if all BC's are omitted from the components I am trying to impose a heat flux upon. RF_THERMAL.6.Log RF_THERMAL.inp RF_THERMAL_bc.warnings
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