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  1. Hello there, I'm having problems saving my work in Hypermesh. The following message pops up: Unable to save HyperMesh model on page 1 / window 1. Please check files permissions. I followed the isntructions detailed in this entry but I still have the same problem. Yours Miguel
  2. Hello there, I made an optimization a few days ago and I would like to open the hypermesh file again to continue working on it as well as to run the OSSmooth function to export the surface to CATIA. I saved my work by saving the whole session, but when I open Hypermesh and open the session again, it only shows the results, meaning it only shows the model plotting the element densities (result of the topology optimization), stresses, displacments and strains (results of the static analysis). How do I open the session exactly as I had it when I saved and closed it and thus can continue working on it?
  3. mikesv

    No Hyperview

    I have the same problem, but when launching the calculation in OptiStruct, the 'RESULT' button does not appear.
  4. Great thank you very much!! Is there any way I can verify the accuracy of the optained results, other than my own intuition?
  5. I'm not sure I'm sharing the files properly in your dropbox. Is there anything particular I should be doing, apart from clicking the the link and uploading the files? I'll post these here. Estructural.h3d
  6. I used OptiStruct. I shared the file in your dropbox folder among with the screenshots I made using Hyperview 2017.
  7. After running the analysis without getting any errors, almost the whole model is plotted in grey for 'no results'. Is there any way to pinpoint the error? I would not mind sharing the files, but I'm not quite sure which ones you need to take a look at it. Thanks in
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