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  1. Hi, that's weird because i have the latest version. I'm gonna try reinstalling the whole suite again and deleting all config files. Hopefully this will help.
  2. Hi, Already did that with no success. What I really don't get is why the freesize does work and the continuous optimization doesn't.
  3. Hi, That's exactly the problem. The optimization just ends there for no reason. So I don't have any other files from further optimization steps (discrete size or shuffling).
  4. Sure. Hope this helps 18_02_14_0001_Monocoque_TSc_V501_continuous_sizing.out
  5. Hey, so I've been working on a composite optimization of a formula student monocoque and run into a problem. Following the tutorial preparated everything for the continuous size optimization and started the optimization in optstruct, but after iteration 0 and iteration progress 93% i just stops without an error and says "job complete". why is that? I've tried everything i know so far. I inpected the .out file and after the design property table of iteration 0 there is nothing more, the file ends there. On other design steps of the same model, I got it all the way though from freesize to shuffle with no problem. just this latest step is giving me trouble. I even can run the various optimization steps again with no problems. Any sugestions on why this isn't working would be great, I sadly can't share any (.hm or similar) files due to non-disclosure. Thanks Pascal
  6. Hello I'm new to Hyperworks and would like to learn via tutorials, especially Optistuct and Hypermesh for ply and composite analysis and optimisation. I've found a .pdf file and heard about a skateboard tutorial but I can't find the tutorial files anywhere. I'm using Hyperworks 14 (non student edition, I believe). I would be happy if someone could help me with this. Pascal
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