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  1. The sum of the 4 plies from my core is 0.005 Multiplied by 2 makes it 0.010 But in the h3d file I can see that the maximum ply thickness of my core material is 0.012
  2. I send you some other files on my latest optimization model. I included the free-sizing model, the h3d, xx_sizing model and the imported result.
  3. I transfered the files using the link in your profile. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello, I've run a free-sizing optimization on a formula student monocoque. I set some parameters for the core material, for it to be max 12.5mm and in steps of 2.5 mm manufacturibility. When I have a look at the xxx_des.h3d I can see that the thickness of the core in some areas is 12.5mm (my model is in meters). However, when I import this model into a new model (with import-solver deck), the thickness of the core plies are not even close to 12.5mm in total. What is causing this behaviour? I attached 2 pictures to clarify. Thank you in advance Alex
  5. Hello, I've successfully run the freesizing optimization and the sizing optimization. I have quite a decent model now, but I am looking for a way to easily see what plies and in what direction are at a certain location. For example, I want to know at element X there is 1 ply with 0.5mm thickness and 45° orientation together with a ply of 1.5mm etc... Is this possible? I know I can see every ply of every orientation thickness in the results, but it's really difficult to find the laminate on a certain node in the monocoque. Regards, Alexander
  6. Thank your for the reply, I'll have a look into that! Meanwhile I installed version 2017.2 (so removed the 2017.2.2 hotfix) and everything is working fine!
  7. Hey Prakash, thanks for the fast reply! I'm running Hyperworks 2017.2.2 on Windows 10. I'm also running the Optistruct 2017.2.2 hotfix update.
  8. Hello everybody, I'm not entirely new to FEA analysis but I'm struggling with Optistruct at the moment. I have a Formula Student Monocoque which I am trying to optimize to work with unidirectional carbon. I'm trying to create an optimum lay-up that's as light a possible while being as stiff aswell. I followed the guide "tutorial composite optimization with optistruct 11.0 on the example of a formula student monocoque" to the letter but somehow the Optistruct Optimization creates almost 1300 plies... Which is is impossible to manually adjust the zones... Could somebody have a clue what's going on here? Maybe I'm doing something wrong in the OptiStruct settings? I should have only 4 plies per original ply on default... Thank you in advance! I attached the model file. Regards Alexander monocoque_18-04-16_ADB_Opti.hm
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