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  1. Is there any way to create a screw joint on Inspire motion? I mean, something like screw and nut when nut rotates its rotates itself? Thanks.
  2. To be honest, I really don't know how to use area connector.
  3. Hi George, Yes, I use a thinwalled box as section for 1D beam.
  4. Hi everyone, What is better approach to connect a 2D shell element to a 1D element? I have a assembly with 3 components, 1 bracket modeled by 2D elements which carries the load, 1 plate modeled by 2D elements likewise, where the bracket is lay and also, shall be interface component between bracket and beam component and 1 beam component modeled by 1D elements where loads and displacements must be transfered. The connection between bracket and plate was modeled by Cbush elements which represents bolts stiffness, therefore, my concern is how can I model the connection between plate and beam to represent a weld? I have attached a picture which it clarifies my problem. The green one is a bracket, red is a plate and magenta is a beam. Thank you, Richard
  5. Hello I try but does not work. Regards, Richard
  6. Hello to all, I´m struggling with a simple model of two plates connecting with two CBEAM elements and I would like to extract forces of these CBEAMs extremities. I tried to use MPCFORCES and SPCFORCES on FEM deck, but I cannot extract these forces on posprocessing. I'm using Optistruct and Hypermesh/Hyperview. I attached the FEM file for clarification. Best regards, Richard test.fem
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