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  1. oussama1

    microstrip antenna array simulation

    thank you so much, I really appreciated your help and suggestions
  2. oussama1

    microstrip antenna array simulation

    hello, thank you so much it works. what was the problem in the model so that the Domian Green's function method cannot be used? is it the dielectric (separated)?
  3. oussama1

    microstrip antenna array simulation

    Hello @MvdM my version is old I think. it is suit 7 (2014). i will try to update it. however, i didn't understand your answer. can you explain more? please check the attachment in the first message to see the error. thank you in advance
  4. Hello every one i have created one E-shaped microstrip antenna and its simulation was fine. when I have generated linear array and error is appeared in the simulation. Questions: 1- how can we solve this kind of errors? 2- how can we extend the dielectric so that all the antennas share the same dielectric? your help and consideration are much appreciated the FEKO models are in the attachment E_antenna_arra_1.cfx
  5. hello everyone i would like to ask you if it is possible to simulate 4-D antenna array by using FEKO software. since 4-D antenna array uses time (off-on switches), time domain solution is needed. can we use FDTD to simulate this 4-D antenna array ? thank you
  6. oussama1

    Calculating the capacitance and inductance in FEKO

    hello again can you explain to us how can we obtain the per-unit-length capacitance of two parallel lines? each one has a coating. as you mentioned before, it is possible by using cable modeler, please explain to us all the steps in details thank you in advance
  7. oussama1

    Calculating the capacitance and inductance in FEKO

    From your answer, I can understand that it is not possible to obtain the per-unit-length capacitance matrix of any arbitrary transmission line system ( non-uniform transmission line). I hope that in the future edition you will improve FEKO so that it will have this feature. thank you,
  8. oussama1

    Calculating the capacitance and inductance in FEKO

    Hello, i would like to inform you that the cables had been build by using the construction button and '' Analytical curve'' as shown in the attached image. (not the cables button). can you explain in details how can we obtain the capacitance matrix for multi-cable system (any specific wire path can plotted using analytical curve button ) with and without coating dielectric. Sincerely,
  9. how can we calculating the capacitance and inductance matrices of multi-cable system in FEKO software ? for example 8- parallel wires, bundles of twisted wires pairs, micro-strip line, printed circuit board PCB
  10. Does there is way to calculate the capacitance and inductance of any multi-conductor transmission line system ?
  11. oussama1

    How can we use FEM line port

    i have used FEM line port but i have gotten the following problem any suggestions, because my purpose is to eliminated the effect of loads (the loads do not be effected by the incident field) thank you
  12. hi @Peter Futter in your model, you have connected the four wires to the ground, consequently the incident field will couple into them see your first picture i want to eliminate all this effects thank you in advance
  13. 1- picture one the whole structure result (correct) 2-picture two the network connection result (wrong) 3-picture three the network connection 4-picture four obtaining the s-parameters of the loading 5-the whole structure connection @Peter Futter any help please