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  1. oussama1

    Extracting data from FEKO to polar plot in MATLAB

    I have faced this kind of problem before. take the data from feko without using dB scale. then, plot them in matlab. I have always faced problems with dB plot in matlab. this is a matlab problem.
  2. downsimple function is used to reduce the number of point data in x,y, z components (number of data/10). my data was 1000 which is a huge data that makes feko slow, as consequence, i have reduced the data point to 1000/10=100 points which convenient for feko. if anything is not clear, you are free to ask me. i m here to help
  3. Since no one has answered my question, I would like to answer it by myself. fist of all, the wire geometry should be programmed in MATLAB software. then, the x,y,z components should be saved in a matrix as A=[x; y; z] where x, y, z are row vectors. then the function dlmwrite() is used. see the attached pictures. in Feko software, we should import the text file (check the attached image).
  4. Hello I want to plot an analytical curve which has integrals in its parametric equations. I couldn't find the integral function in CADFEKO. I have generated this analytical curve in MATLAB and I want to import it to CADFEKO, is that possible? suppose the analytical function for the curve is given as phi(l)=integration(0 to l, alpha(l)) where alpha(l) is a complicated function where the integral cannot be evaluated analytically. x,y, and z= are function of alpha(l) any suggestion will be much appreciated.
  5. oussama1

    Simulating 4D antenna array (time modulated array)

    Can you just explain how can we generate square periodic function in POST FEKO?
  6. oussama1

    MoM singularities problems

  7. oussama1

    MoM singularities problems

    hello@JIF I want to tell you that the software FEKO and your suggestions have helped me to solve the problem that we have discussed above(about one year ago). As consequence, I have written a paper about this problem. this paper is just published in IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, which is a very good journal. the paper link is O. Gassab, L. Zhou, Z. Zhao and W. Yin, "Effect of the Scattered Field on the Terminal Risers in Twisted-Wire Pairs With Floating Loads," in IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8600362 the resonance frequencies that appear in the DM response is due to the Scattered field effects that were neglected in the transmission line model. Now with this paper, the tranmission line model is improved. thank you for your help, and your software FEKO is very amazing. Oussama Gassab
  8. oussama1

    Simulating 4D antenna array (time modulated array)

    Hi again is it possible to use a periodic function in time analysis in post feko? because the time modulated linear array (TMLA) uses periodic sequences (on-off). it means that I simulate the antenna array in large enough range of frequencies, then in post feko I use the required periodic function for each element. is that possible? if not, I think you should do it possible in future versions of feko because it is so important in simulating TMLA.
  9. oussama1

    microstrip antenna array simulation

    thank you so much, I really appreciated your help and suggestions
  10. oussama1

    microstrip antenna array simulation

    hello, thank you so much it works. what was the problem in the model so that the Domian Green's function method cannot be used? is it the dielectric (separated)?
  11. oussama1

    microstrip antenna array simulation

    Hello @MvdM my version is old I think. it is suit 7 (2014). i will try to update it. however, i didn't understand your answer. can you explain more? please check the attachment in the first message to see the error. thank you in advance
  12. Hello every one i have created one E-shaped microstrip antenna and its simulation was fine. when I have generated linear array and error is appeared in the simulation. Questions: 1- how can we solve this kind of errors? 2- how can we extend the dielectric so that all the antennas share the same dielectric? your help and consideration are much appreciated the FEKO models are in the attachment E_antenna_arra_1.cfx
  13. oussama1

    Simulating 4D antenna array (time modulated array)

    hi, I m still waiting for an answer, please
  14. hello everyone i would like to ask you if it is possible to simulate 4-D antenna array by using FEKO software. since 4-D antenna array uses time (off-on switches), time domain solution is needed. can we use FDTD to simulate this 4-D antenna array ? thank you
  15. oussama1

    Calculating the capacitance and inductance in FEKO

    hello again can you explain to us how can we obtain the per-unit-length capacitance of two parallel lines? each one has a coating. as you mentioned before, it is possible by using cable modeler, please explain to us all the steps in details thank you in advance