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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am clear about the PSHELL , but my query is why it is showing for PCOMPG ( i didn't mention any base thickness value for that)
  2. Hi , I have performed topology optimization using PCOMPG. So I have created the PCOMPG using hyperlaminate option with +/- 45 deg orientation for alternate layers with total thickness of 5 mm (each ply thickness is 0.25mm). After solving the model, in post processor window I am getting option for base thickness (attached the screenshot) with thickness of 45mm throughout all the iteration.Please clarify why it is showing that option and that value. Also I need clarification on PCOMPG, if I use topology optimization on PCOMPG whether the effect of overall & individual thickness and Ply orientation will be taken into consideration ? In the second attached image the topology optimization results for individual plies are show.Is it possible with PCOMPG? Thanks in advance
  3. Ok.Whether Optistruct can solve the multiobjective optimization problem (compliance+stress ) for topology optimization problem.
  4. Thanks for your answers.To be specific i want to use my constraint formulations for topology optimization .Is there any tutorials for that. Thanks in advance.
  5. I need to write my constraint equation inside the Optistruct using DRESP3 .Is there any possibilities to write using Hypermath and integrate with Optistruct
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