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    I'm a Structural Analysis, and CAE Enginner.
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  1. Hi Johnson, I have tried to change a IMPVEL direction from global to local coordinate, but still can't be worked. Maybe I give you a RADIOSS file, to help me how to change the velocity direction from 'X global coordinates' to 'X local coordinates'. Please, help me to solve this problem. I am waiting four your answer, thank you. Regards, Yogi Need_help_0000.rad Need help_0001.rad
  2. Hi Johnson, I have included the influence of skew, but the results is sill not good. Then, I read a reference and found the difference between 'SKEW' and 'FRAME'. I think in this case, I must created the 'local Frame' . So, how to apllied the local Frame and then assigned to Imposed Velocity ? Regards, Yogi
  3. Good afernoon ladies and gentlemen. I am Yogi, a students from Indonesia. I have a problem to using local coordinate, using RADIOSS software. The problem begin, when I am finished input the new 'local coordinate' (system), and inputed the imposed (VELOCITY) using Y-Direction. How, I change the direction of IMPVEL from Y - direction at global coordinate, became to Y - direction at local coordinate. Please hel me, to sloved this problem. Thank you. Regards, Yogi Adi Wijaya
  4. Okay Mr. Johnson, the parameter of 'rupture effect' must be inputted at this 'red circle area' or at the 'stress-strain' curve?
  5. Hi Mr. Johnson. Thank you very much, for your answer and some reference gives to me. In this case, I am using the MAT 36 (PLAST_TAB). So, I must input the rupture criteria to simulate the 'breaking effect'? Or I just input the stress-strain curve from elestic zone until ultimate stress, added by strain rate?
  6. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Yogi Adi Wijaya, and I am an academic students from Bandung, Indonesia. I have tried a simulation about T-joint plate test using Quasi-Static loading (using RADIOSS). But, the result in HyperView show that the structure is not broken as in experimental testing (similar with tensile test). How could this happen? I need answers from all of you, and I hope that this problem could be solved. Thank you very much. Regards, Yogi Adi Wijaya
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