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  1. Hi, again, thank you very much. I´m sure it will help me to learn a lot of FEA. Have a nice day! Javier
  2. Thank you very much @Ivan ! I was processing your message during the weekend, and I was able to understand almost everything, but I think I must read a lot of FEA theory… Also, thank you for the remeshed model, I have checked all the parameters you have changed and I will take care of my mesh next time To conclude, (I know this is not the post to ask for that, but know you answered my question, its a good chance to ask that) do you know any great book to learn all you said to me like how to know the best time-step or element size, anything to know what I´m doing when I mesh a model or when I run a solver more deeply. I would like to learn a lot of theory at the same time I´m learning FEA with Altair. (I already have got Altair's Radioss book, but I need something to beginners like me) Kind regards ! Javier
  3. Hi , I´m Javi from Spain. I´ve some problems with a Radioss Analysis and after searching during a whole day in the Altair Forum I didn´t find a solution. 1) Radioss has hidden all the BCS and CLOAD but even clicking on Show or touching the graph options I´m not able to view in the graphics area the constraints and loads. 2) When I ran the model, it takes a lot of time to solve it and the energy error is too high. I read that it might be because of the penetration or high deformation but I don´t think my model has a high displacement field. My model is a dynamic force test with AL7075-T6, and it tries to solve a piece attached to a chassis with the force of the shocks applied from 0 to its maximum value (I´m doing all in 2 seconds, ie: 0N in T=0, 500N in T=0.5s … Fmax at T=x and F=0N at Tstop, all of this in a Force curve) Could you check the model and tell me If I´m doing something wrong? I´m going nut because of these 2 problems and I´m trying to solve it through the forum and the manual but I´m not able to do it. Thank you very much ! Kind Regards, Javier ARS-support-A1-v2-Forum.hm
  4. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, I tried this that you just said and does not work. And I tried too to attach a fix joint between the wheel and wheel hub, or the jack and wheel but it´s not possible. I attach the model in you file transfer link. Thank you very much. Javier
  5. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, I think this will be my last doubt about this.. but I have a problem when I use AutoTire. The problem is that I want to change the radius of the wheel in the template, so I used like u suggested me AutoTire (I deleted the old wheel body and added AutoTire). Then I inserted the parameters of the wheel and the coordinates of the wheel center. But my problem now is that I don´t know how can I adjust the conexions between the template and the new wheels, and when I try to run the model, the next errors appear in the screen (attached image) I know there is something wrong because as you can see the ground is not in contact with the wheel surface and I think I need to stablish more conections. Do you know how to do this or do you think is better to me to try the motion study of the suspension with the template (because maybe the wheel size does not affect the results)? Please help me I´m using a lot of time in this issue... Kind Regards Javier
  6. Hi, please I need it ASAP because I´m going to delay my team goals. Thank you. Javier
  7. Hi, No I did not try with AutoTire, in fact I did not know this tool. But I have searched for this and I did not found it. When I click on the wheel in the template I am editing to test my suspension geometry there is no option to modify the wheel´s radius (see attached image). How could I change the radius in the template? And the tutorial I was talking about is this I show below: https://altairuniversity.com/vehicle-library-user-guide/ Thanks! Kind Regards Javier
  8. Hi, my name is Javier and I´m from Spain. I´m currently the dynamics system manager in Formula URJC ( Formula Student team) and I´m using the templates to design our next suspension system. But I have a problem with the template. It seems like the tire in the template is not 13'' because the wheel centre point is in the 262.64 coordinate in Z axle. We are using Hoosier 13'' wheels and I need to change the body radius, because if I change this coordinate, the only change that appears is in the point not in the wheel size. How could I change the wheel size? Ok, now I want to take advantage of the opportunity and ask another question. I have already seen the tutorial about how to input a target for the suspension system design, so here is my question: What happen if I achieve a target with the optimization and then I want to achieve another target but this one may change the first one? Does an error appear? Or does the program calculate a compromise solution? Thanks! Javier
  9. Hi, thank you very much ! I found it finally in the forum. Kind Regards Javier Calderón
  10. Hi, I had the same error, but the answer from @Prakash Pagadala works, thanks a lot. Kind Regards. Javier
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