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  1. Is there a Hyperview results reader available that will read .pch results files, or a translator that will convert a .pch results file into .h3d or another acceptable file format?
  2. EDIT: SOLVED. Thanks! I don't see any option to refer to the SID inside of the DISPLCAMENT/ESE/STRESS settings. Do I select a 4th flag and define the SID inside of that?
  3. I have setup an Optistruct analysis to export displacement, strain energy, and stress results to a punch file using the PARAM, EXTOUT, DMIGPCH command, as well as the GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST DISPLACEMENT(PUNCH), ESE(PUNCH), and STRESS(PUNCH) commands. I would like to now export these same results for just a user defined set of elements using the Hypermesh GUI. Could someone explain how to do this?
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