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  1. Thank you, I made some progress. I was also wondering, is it possible to make a h3d output after doing a co-simulation in Matlab/Simulink? So that we can analyse for instance stress/strain of the multibody model due to controllers? Or do we need to work around this, for instance by exporting the controller in C format, then loading this controller into MotionSolve. Kind regards, Luuk Zwaans
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you for your response. Where can I find this function TUNSUB in MATLAB? I have been looking around, but I did not manage to find it. Kind regards, Luuk Zwaans
  3. Hi, I am trying to simulate a flexible inverted pendulum on a cart. I have a Matlab simulation that I am trying to verify and compare with the MotionSolve simulation. I am so far attempting to do this in three ways: Using a flexible approximation of the pendulum with FEM. For this I made a FEM mesh of the type of beam that I am using (cylindrical beam). However, this method makes the center of mass differ from the rigid center of mass, which gives unwanted vibrations, affecting the accuraccy of the simulation. Using a 1D beam approximation in HyperMesh to create the FEM. This also has some problems, as the response differs a lot from expectations, since the beam does not contain the slope at the beginning and end of the beam elements as a degree of freedom. Finally, I am trying to use an NLFE beam. This one seems to really be an exact match for my model. However, I am trying to verify it by running a co-simulation. But this co-simulation keeps generating the following error: ERROR: Failure obtaining VARVAL in user sub SYSFNC! ERROR: Error from initialization of user subroutine! This error does not occur if I use co-simulation with the same in- and output definitions, but with a Flexbody. I am therefore wondering if it is possible to use co-simulation together with NLFE beam elements. Thanks in advance! If you need more information, or require any of the files I am using, let me know. Kind regards, Luuk Zwaans
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