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  1. Novak


    Is there no quick way to get rid of those interesections?
  2. Novak


    Please reply. It is bit urgent Thanks
  3. Novak


    Hi Well I see your point but the task is to do the 3D mesh. I don't really have the option which you are talking about. Could you please tell me how to perform 3D mesh Thanks
  4. Novak


    Okay! Thanks for your help I have another very similar model in which as I try to tetramesh, there are some error elements. When I try to toggle them, lots of free edges come out. Could you please have a look at the model and tell me the solution. Really getting stuck at it. Thanks
  5. Novak


    Now tetramesh seems to work actually, but could you please check how can I make it look bit better. Thanks
  6. Novak


    I have sent you a file by email. I did remeshing with size and bias panel. I checked for free edges and there are none. However, when I try to do tetramesh, 3D meshing is not performed. Please have a look Thanks
  7. Novak


    well I m suppose to first to the 2D meshing and then use that mesh to create a 3D. I am not suppose to use volume tetra directly. Also, the meshing with volume tetra won't be as good as tetramesh.
  8. Novak


    But I can't. The model is solid, it needs to be 3D meshed. Could you please tell me how to enclose the volume. Thanks
  9. Novak


    The container is a 3D object, so I need it to be a solid. I am trying to mesh it with tetramesh, but it doesn't seem to mesh all the solids. Thanks
  10. Novak


    Hello Everyone I have a buit weird geometry which I need to mesh. For that I used normal 'size and bias' method and then tried to clean up till quality index of 30. I have couple of questions. 1.) Could you please check my 2D mesh and tell me if it looks okay or not. 2.) Secondly, how do I make a 3D mesh now out of this surfaces. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Prakash It works with PBUSH. Thanks a lot
  12. I just want a minimal stiffness for this spring element. I m not sure if PBUSH fulfills this function or not
  13. not too sure what to fill in here with PBUSH element though.
  14. Please reply. It is quite urgent
  15. non-linear quasi static
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