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  1. Sorry I can´t share it. But in the Optistruct--> Reference Guide i found this in the Pictures. So ATTB is an attribute of a Response, where a further Definition is needed. And in the .out file it is said, that it is from a Response with massfrac. In my Model i have only one Opti_Resp: with massfrac and an one Opti_Const: with the upper and lower Bounderies. I don´t understand, which of these things should be blank or SUM/COMB Hope this is enough Information for you
  2. I changed the thickness but the Error is still the same. What does "ATTB must be blank or SUM/COMB for this response type. " mean? What is the ATTB, that must be blank or SUM/COMB? Greets
  3. Hey, I am trying to start a FreeSizeOptimization of just one part of a whole Car. So i put that part into a new PCOMPP Property and created a Response where i have choosen this Property only. The errormassage is: *** ERROR # 1316 *** in the input data: ATTB must be blank or SUM/COMB for this response type. Does anybody know, how to fix the Problem? Greets
  4. Hi Prakash, i am not allowed to send you the whole model. Is it possible to send just some screenshots? If yes, let me know, which screenshots you need.
  5. Hi, i am trying to extract a StiffnessMatrix of a whole Car Model using DMIG. While creating the Model I followed the Tutorial: OS-2070_ Topology Optimization of a Reduced Model using DMIG when i start the Analysis to get the .Pch Data there is an Error: *** ERROR # 826 *** Invalid subcases have been used in this ASET run. In ASET run, all subcases must have the same SPC and MPC set. Subcase 1 has SPC set 1 Subcase 2 has prepaset set 2 Does anybody know, how i can fix the Error? Greets
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