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  1. Thanks a lot, it works! There are small differences (~E-02) at few locations when comparing to what Patran produced, but I guess these are rounding errors.
  2. Thanks for replays. I need to convert it because the loads were extracted in element coordinate systems, so the theta angle in each element is 0.0 and load directions are not consistent. I could re-create reports with loads extracted in a local coordinate system, but it would take some time to generate hundreds of reports, and besides current reports have been already used in other assessments so replacing them would further add work. Therefore, it seems to be quicker to transfer current loads using appropriate rotation angle. I found out how to convert MCID to theta angle using competition FE software.
  3. Hi, Is there a way to quickly convert MCID assigned to a shell elements (e.g. CQUAD4) to THETA angle values? Thanks
  4. Yes, the results, average at bar centroid, will be transformed to a selected coordinate system. However, I still won't know what are the component results at both bar ends. It's not only a vector plot or report/query table, even a contour plot for a single bar element highlights it in one colour, without pointing where is the max and min. I have just found in the help manual the supported elements types and their corresponding component mapping information, some are listed as average of End-A and End-B, or GA and GB. So I'm pretty much convinced the individual results at bar ends are not available... but I hoped they can be somehow (through a script) extracted.
  5. No, the model has been already run in Nastran and I only have access to output, xdb. I can easily extract results (force, stress, etc.) at either bar element end in Patran, however, it seems this is not possible to replicate in Hyperview.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to visualize (vector plot) un-averaged 1D element (CBAR, CBEAM) forces/moments at either end of the element (endA and endB)? It looks that Hyperview supports only averaged results. Even the free body diagrams for bar elements look the same (opposite sign) regardless which node is selected. Thanks, MS
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