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  1. Hi Prakash, Thank you for answering I want to reproduce a drum test of a wheelchair in MS, but the analysis is very long, as i said before. The resulting loads applied on the wheelchair can be considered as random loads, so i was thinking to extract the PSD of each load spectrum (should be 10 different loads conditions) and perform a Random Fatigue analysis using Optistruct. But i have not 2017 version so i didn't find a tutorial about that. Is it possible to find a tutorial for previous versions? thank you
  2. Hi to everybody, i would like to perform a fatigue analysis using this method: -run the dynamic analysis in Motionsolve in order to extract the load spectrum -run the fatigue analysis in Optistruct using that load spectrum the problem is that the dynamic analysis needs 150000 seconds, and this means an enormous amount of time in Motion solve,it's almost impossible. So is there any other way i can perform this type of analysis? Thank you.
  3. hi @Prakash thank you for replying. yes i've thought about it, but my problem is how to write the script (Python or Matlab). Is there any example? thank you
  4. Hello to all, I'm trying to model a wheel that rotates on a plane without slipping, but that can lift off the floor when it's needed. I used the contact command and Poissoin's algorithm, but I wonder if there is another way to do it. Is it necessary to write a subroutine? thank you
  5. Hi to everybody, i'm trying to create a model writing in the command window. I 'm following the tutorial showed in the pdf "Motionview Tutorial" but i can't run the .tcl file. I try to explain better: after writing the model, it is required to save the script as .tcl format, in order to be able to "call" the model and then to register it in the Preference file.When i try to call it i have this message: This script should be run from the "widget" demo. I'm able to open .tcl format thanks to ActiveTcl or Vim 8.0, but i can't understand why MotionSolve can't run the model. Can someone help me please? thanks
  6. Hi to everybody, i have this problem and i hope that someone is able to help me please. I want to perform the stress analysis of some bodies connected to each other and belonged to an assembly (the assembly is a wheelchair moving on the street) , but the stress only of those bodies not of the whole assembly. I saw that one way is using flex body to model the bodies, and it's the only way that i know to check the stress in motionsolve, but it happened this error: ERROR: Error encountered in analysis! (1) The integration has become unstable. Tighten (decrease) integr_tol, h_max, or both in Param_Transient can help stabilize the integration. If the simulation contains distinctive phases, use multiple Simulate, each with its own proper integrator parameter setting, to selectively tighten the tolerance during the period where instability is encountered. (2) If the simulation was terminated because stepsize has diminished consistently below h_min, reduce h_min in Param_Transient to force integration to continue. (3) Non-physical inertia properties, such as mass=100 Kg and Ixx=Iyy=Izz=1 Kg*mm^2, or extremely small inertia on a part with an unconstrained degree of freedom. Make sure the modeling data, in particular the part inertia and the gravity, are specified in proper units consistent with the units given in Param_Unit element. (4) Beam, flexible body goes out of linear range, bushing has large rotation along more than one axis, curve goes out of its interpolation range, higher-pair joint goes out of the range of U or V, etc. Make sure fundamental modeling assumptions, such as rigid contact assumption used in Force_Contact, are not violated. (5) Motion displacement defined using LINSPL, AKISPL in dynamic analysis, or as a function of model states (DX, VX etc), as well as forces defined as a function of other forces, can cause hard convergence and integrator failure. Avoid these modeling practices wherever possible. has anyone some suggest? or is there another method to check the stress analysis in motionsolve,maybe without using flex body? thank you very much
  7. Hi to everybody, after that i stopped a dynamic simulation in MotionSolve i tried to start it again but i found this error: can someone help me please? thank you
  8. Hi to everybody, someone can explain me the meaning of the inputs and of the outputs in this subroutine? i read the MotionSolve Reference Guide but it's not still clear for me. In particular i didn't understand what is it "q". Thank you
  9. @Prakash Pagadala thank you for you help, it was very helpful. I have another question: i want to write a type of constrain Constraint_UserConstr using Matlab and not a dll file. Is there any example that can show me ho to write the script in matlab? Bacause i have found only how to write the XML file, the following one. Thank you
  10. oh no im sorry @Prakash Pagadala, maybe i wasn't clear, i,m so sorry My main aim is to check the stability in curve of a wheelchair, so i've thought to create a circular trajectory (as i said in the first message of this topic) and move the wheelchair on that, but the problem is the type of the joint between the wheelchair and the curve. Thank you and sorry again for the mistake.
  11. Hi to everybody, i need a help for this type of situation please: i've imported a circular curve in MotionView and i want to use it as a plane trajectory for my model. Which type of join should i use? and how should i set the motion? thank you
  12. Thank you for answering @Prakash Pagadala, as you suggested me, i`ve already done some simply models to learn how to use MotonSolve, and now i`ve imported my wheelchair in .step format. My question now is if it possible to create a surface under the wheelchair where it can move, and which type of joints i should use. thank you
  13. Hello to everybody, first of all, thank you for accepting me. I`m a engineering student and i`m doing my thesis work in Japan. I need to make a dynamic analysis of a wheelchair, such as instability during cornering and during climbing. I need to make an analysis similar to that one for vehicles in Motion Solve . And maybe is it possible to make a parametric analysis? Can anyone suggest me how to do please? thanks
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