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  1. Mayur Deshmukh

    Exterior acoustics

    How can we know what to provide the radial interpolation order?
  2. Hi, I am running an acoustic analysis for a motor. While the analysis is running, it creates ". rs~" files at the given location. The size of the files are so high that it took all 164GB space of my system and the analysis got failed. Is there any card of any other way by which we could limit these ". rs" files?
  3. Mayur Deshmukh

    Error in solving acoustic analysis

    Could you help me on this please. It's pretty urgent
  4. Hi, I have some doubt in hyperview and hypergraph graph. When I check the results for acceleration (Y) in hyperview and select a corresponding node, it shows me the value 1.426E+03 And when I check the acceleration graph in hypergraph as "Mag Y" and for the same node, it shows me the value 4.2E+03 How am I getting different answers?
  5. Mayur Deshmukh

    Error in solving acoustic analysis

    Hi, I am getting the same error again. I tried using "detach" command and providing cd=-1 for fluid grids, But still I'm getting the error. Could you have a look at the model?
  6. Mayur Deshmukh

    Hyperview results analysis

    Hi, I did the frequency response analysis and saw contours of acceleration in hyperview. The results keep on changing. I want to see the final maximum distribution of acceleration over my model (for a particular frequency). How do I do that?
  7. Mayur Deshmukh

    Surface normal orientation

    Yes I am as I wanted to find ERP at outer faces of the motor
  8. Mayur Deshmukh

    Multiple analysis in batch mode in OPTISTRUCT

  9. Hi, I am using 2017.2.2 version of hyperworks. I need to run multiple files in batch mode in OPTISTRUCT. How do I do that?
  10. Mayur Deshmukh

    Surface normal orientation

    Anything on this?
  11. Mayur Deshmukh

    Creating Contact

    I want to know: 1) what is Vicinity tolerance? 2) what is the difference between stick and freeze contact?
  12. Mayur Deshmukh

    Surface normal orientation

    The file is sent to you via FTP link
  13. Mayur Deshmukh

    Surface normal orientation

    Hi Mr Prakash, Could you take a look at the model in concern to the problem with surface normal orientation?
  14. Mayur Deshmukh

    Change axial orientation of the component

    If you look at the axis notation, it shows X-Z axis (2D), but the motor is tilted. I want to align local axis of the motor with global axis.The results should change accordingly.
  15. Hi, The component I have been working on is tilted little bit with respect to the axis. I want to adjust it. Does anyone have any idea how to do?