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  1. Hey, sorry for the late response. Something went wrong I uploaded it again. (1mass-oscillator) Thank you for your example it helped a lot. This advice also helped a lot. I think I got this right.The right picture desrcibes the slope of the force-deflection curve. I didn't understand this part for the non-linear case. How do I need to define my curve for the non-linear case? Same as the linear case? I have attached my current files. (Nicht_linear_Steifigkeit3.rar) Thank you 1mass_oscillator.rar Nicht_linear_Steifigkeit3.rar
  2. Hello there, I need some advice for defining the stiffness of a spring damper element with a curve. My task is to model a 1 mass oscillator with a non-linear stiffness. But first of all I want to understand how to define a stiffness through a curve. So I tried to model a linear stiffness through the curve and verify it with the regular linear simulation. My questions are: Can anybody tell me what I have done wrong with my curve definition? I defined a sinusodial force with +/- 10kN but the mass is just swinging in the negative area? Can anybody specify what the independent variable is? What do I have to put there when my curve is defined as force over displacement? I have attached my files. I appreciate every help
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