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  1. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, thank you for the answer. I go to the Drape Estimator, choose my ply, choose "Flat Shape" as Review Option and Click Apply. Then the flat Shape shows up. How to proceed with export? Second question: Is it possible to export the drape angles from hypermesh to LSDyna? We want to use hypermesh for the drape simulation and use LSDyna for structural analysis. Thank you, Nikolas
  2. Thank you everybody for your help. I will try asap and report if i have results. We have another nonlinear-static analysis running, if it works i guess we dont need the linear static one. Lets see. Thanks again, Nik
  3. Hello Sanjay, i checked it and i constrained everything as you said. Only DOF6 of the center node is not locked. All the other Degreess of Freedom are locked to 0. I also set the DOF1,2,3,4,5 to 0 and released DOF6 of the RB2-Elements. When i scale down the "Model Percent" in HyperView to the value of 5 and then move the model, i can see that it actually moves correctly along the rotational axis in the drilled hole. I guess there must be a general problem with the element-type of the RB2 elements? Maybe they are not suitable for this kind of operation? Thank you a lot for your help! Nik
  4. Hi Prakash, when i create a single node and many RBE2 elements pointing from several nodes to this one independant node, i receive wierd model behavior. I would like to create a node in the center of a drilled hole, then create several RBE2 elements pointing from the many nodes of the drilled hole to this one independant node in the center of the hole. The independant point should, as you said, be allowed to rotate but not to translate. When i create this kind of model, i get wierd model behavior My Stresses seem to be okay, but the displacement is waaaaaay off. Also i get this wierd vanishing of the model when i change the view to the next step. Any idea? Best regards, Nik
  5. Hi Prakash Pagadala, thank you for the fast reply! I am asking myself now: Why can you plot the surface, when you cant export it at the moment? Is it because this feature is implemented before the export feature was finished, or is there a different use that I am not taking into account? Best regards, Nik
  6. Dear Prakash Pagadala, i have the same problem such as Steffen. Although, i dont want to export the Elements with new coordinate systems to a Solver. I would like to export the flat drape surface, so i can cut my preform with this geometry. Is it possible to export the contour to an .dxf or similar format? Best regards, Nik
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