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  1. Hello, can you Please tell me if we have 4 Components that are conented with each other and want to change the order(2.Ordet To 1.Order) which Element Type I have to select for them , after they are changed to 1. Order to be able to Run the Analysis in ANSYS. -The PIN (Pink) Element Type is SOLID186 in 2. Order, (when I change it to 1.Order, I change the ET-Type to SOLID185, and PROP to PROP186P, I am Pretty Sure it's Correct.) -The Other Component(Light Blue) is SOLID187 in 2. Order, (when I change it to 1.Order, I change the ET-Type to SOLID45, and PROP to PROP45P I am Pretty Sure it's Correct.) -what should I do for CONTA174 and TARGET170 ? Thanks for your Helping
  2. Dose anyone know, if I want to change the 2.Ordet Element Type,which is Hexa20(SOLID186 ) to 1.Order, which Element Type I have to select?(Tetra4, Solid45)?! thank you
  3. thank you. it could be the Version Issue, But I have to do it in this Version and can't update it.
  4. Sorry I am Not allow to do it, I really be appriciat if you give me your tipps from hier.thanks a lot
  5. i did it but this Error appears and dont allow to open the Model.
  6. I dont have in Tools/Convert/OptiStruct maybe because of the old version of my Hypermesh. then which Option I have to choose?
  7. This Model has 102 Property all of them are TARGET 170P when I create new Component and as you told want to define the Property SOLID45P, I get the warrning about the Mix Property.should I define the Prppery again TARGET 170P and change the order (tO 1. Order, Tetra4) and export the model?
  8. I changed the Order and for each 181 Component : *Right Click/Edit Card/ select ET-Type (Wich is SOLID45) *Right Click on Component/Edit/Propery/ Select the new Property(Wich is SOLID45p) *Export the Model want to open it in Hypermesh, bit it can't open, and write this Error: then it remain only one way: Create 181 new Component with MAT and PROP, and move each of these Components in this New self created Components !!! after that do the same Process that I wrote up. BUT its really not Reasonable. Hope You have some good news to me. thanks for rour helping.
  9. thanks, The Problem ist exactly what you say, I think because the MAT and PROP of the Components are diffrent, I have to create for each Component separate new Component, and then chage the Order. But the Problem is : from 187 Component, I have to change the Order of 181 Components from 2.order to 1.order ( Tetra 10 (SOLID 187) to Tetra4(SOLID45) ). I have to create 181 new Component?!!! there is no other solution?
  10. can you please a littbe bit explain? am I right understand? : I Put all this Components(For exmple 6 Components that I Selected from my Model) and define new MAT and new PROP for this new Component?
  11. My Model is a very Big and have 187 Components, I have to change the Order only in few Components,not all of them. as I learned from you , to change the Order I have to Right Click on Component and then Edit it(Edit Card and select SOLID 45 and SOLID45p For Property,)then export the Model, and Run in ANSYS. For this Issue I Create a new Component and move that parts of model , which have to be changed to 1. Order in this new Component, and as I wrote up Right Click on this new Component and... My Question is that, for this new Component tha I Create by myself, which MAT I have to determine? (each of the Components,that are inside of this new Component have seprate MAT and Property) Thanks for your helping me
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