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  1. Hello again, I am trying to union a torus with a cylinder perpendicular to it and keep getting the following error: Error 16116: Parasolid error: The Parasolid function PK_BODY_boolean_2() returned PK_ERROR_boolean_failure (1058) with severity: SERIOUS (2). File: src\union\gaia_UnionOperator.cpp, Line: 226 The geometry modeller encountered a problem. What could be the issue? How can I union these two objects? Please see the file Torus_union.cfx and the error screenshot attached. Thanks, Torus_union.cfx
  2. Thanks so much for this very helpful example, Mel.
  3. Hello Mel and Jif, Many thanks for your very helpful replies. I tried to follow Jif's suggestion first, also following the "19.1 Magnetic-field probe" example in the user manual, however I keep getting the following errors: Error 16989: Impossible spin: cannot determine the spun geometry for the faced body. Error 16990: Self-intersecting surface: cannot create a body with self-intersecting surfaces from the faced body. Could you please help me get through these errors and actually manage to complete a spin task? It would be so helpful if you could point out a visual tutorial or attach a few screenshots for creating the section. Thanks a lot, Pelin
  4. Hello, How can I create torus in Feko 2017.1? I checked the help section and it is calling "TO Card". What does that mean and how can I install a "card"? Thanks in advance,
  5. Hello, Can we change the font size of legends in PostFeko 3D graphs? If yes, how? Version I am using is v2017.1 Thanks, Pearl
  6. Hello, I did cartesian plot for my structure's near field and maximum field magnitude is around 80 V/m (please see the attached screenshot). When I exported the near field data, I noticed that field values are much smaller than what's plotted in Postfeko (1E-2 times smaller). I'm attaching the efe file and plot of z vs mag Ez using the data in it for your reference. These values should be same, but they are not. Can you please help me understand what Postfeko does when plotting near field on cartesian chart? Thanks in advance, dipole.efe
  7. Hello JIF, Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. Could you please suggest a beginner's reading/tutorial on writing LUA scripts? An additional, relevant, question: Is it possible to do math operations on Cartesian surface plot?
  8. Hello, I am a Feko 2017.1 user. I have a Cartesian surface plot of near field (electric field) (horizontal axis is X, vertical axis is Y, and Z position is fixed). How can I export the data points of this configuration in dat or txt format for post-processing? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
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