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  1. Hello guys, I'm now trying to remesh my model via hypermesh. Let me briefly introduce my research process. I had a framework elastomer sample, and I sent it to do the microCT scanning. After some post analysis, I got a .stl file which is meshed by the vertices and edges. However, the mesh from .stl itself are not what I want. There are too many elements and the quality is bad that cause my abaqus not responding. Is there any methods that I can remesh my existed .stl file via hypermesh? Thanks a lot~
  2. Dear all, I have many models to analyze, and all the settings are the same. (e.g. 3D >> tetramesh >> volume tetra >> element size, all the settings are the same even in different models.) So my professor asked me to write a script so that I could decrease the use of mouse. Is there any script like C, C++ or something else that can be accepted in hypermesh? And how to write it? Thanks!
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