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  1. Hi, I thought also that this could be any point on the defined axis. Really interesting, because i get different results for different points on the rotation axis. So i will check of this again. Thanks
  2. Hi @Yatish Chandra, it is OK. I understood already it, but my question was how to define the center of rotation. I mean you have to give a exact point for it. If you take random nodes/points (center of rotation) on the rotation vector axis, you can take different results for different points. Where is the center of rotation as a point?
  3. Hi @Yatish Chandra, how could you define the center of rotation? For a non-simplified fan geometry it can be confusing to define it, if the fan is rotated not only in one axis, rather in two for example.
  4. Hi Premanand, before i reinstall all the program files, I thought i could turn back to my old hypermesh model. Now it is ok, but i am not sure that it works until the end of my preprocessing. I hope no problem occurs again:) Thanks for your interest.
  5. Hi Premanand, thanks a lot for your answer. But i can not understand, what can be changed if i reinstall the hypermesh or update it. Until last week everything was ok with my preprocessing. We have also tried it on the computer of my workmate, the same issue occurs. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I am getting this error: "The Hypermesh core has detected a non recoverable error" while deleting some surfaces from my model. I have also tried to delete the hypermesh settings from my documents and temp folders. Unfortunately it does not work. I would be glad for your help. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, i am also interested in the solution of the problem. Can anyone explain how to define the angular velocity components? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks acupro. I will try with the inlet static pressure.
  9. Hi acupro, sorry for the misunderstanding of my question. I will try to explain better: For VWT Simulations i need to define the pressure coefficient to show the pressure distributions on a car. I think, the formula for that is following from ydigits description: ("pressure"-0)/(0.5*"vwtRho"*("velocity_magnitude"+"vwtVel")^2) At this point, there are some questions: where is the variable "velocity_magnitude" from? Theoretically it should be without velocity magnitude. Why is the reference free stream pressure 0? My expectation is to see the cp value 1 at stagnation point of the car. But it is around 2 or 3 according to VWT analysis report. How could it be like that? I am a bit confused because of this. Maybe i miss an important point by the way. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi, i am looking for the definitions of pressure and total pressure coefficient (cp and cp-tot) for AcuFieldview. I would be glad for your help. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi again, i am still thinking about the reduction of max volume skewness. To get a good y+ value, you have to create a first layer thickness at about 10e-4, 10e-5 m. Or finer or coarser depends on your case. So, in this case i could probably have really fine mesh on all surfaces (advice from ydigit) that is not always possible, if you have big models with details. For Hypermesh, there is a option for the target volume skewness. At acusolve, it was for me also possible to reduce the volume skewness with option volume improver shape metric. But without boundary layers! What is the way to get a good mesh with a volume skewness 0.95? Thanks for help Best regards
  12. Hi arezzo95, due to my experiences your case is strong turbulent, especially at the fan outlet, maybe at your inlet also if the back flows occur around the fan. In this case I would build extensions for both, system inlet and outlet in order to get a fully developed flow on both sides. You can also create two interfaces, you dont have to seperate their names/parts, I mean: one fan inlet and outlet, to examine, for example fan inlet pressure or mass flow, .... Best regards
  13. Hi ydigit, thanks for your reply. I have already read the pages in reference manual, actually i have to define a new environment variable with the name FV_DPI (for example =240) to increase the image resolution. Then the variable must be pointed to a path, where the preferences of Fieldview are saved, if I am not wrong. The file for the preferences is located in folder AppData/...? Is that the way like a simple environment variable definition in Windows (My Computer) or must the definition (FV_DPI) be defined in any file located in any Acusolve file?
  14. Thank you so much for the informations, ydigit.
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