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  1. DSHplus home office license During the crisis triggered by COVID-19, FLUIDON is offering temporary software licenses to customers working from home at no additional cost in addition to existing licenses to ensure productivity and security. For all those who want to test DSHplus thoroughly during this special time, we offer free temporary software licenses with standard profile. To apply, please fill out the form.
  2. What are the features of the FSI library? The pipe models of the conventional DSHplus pipe library solve the momentum and continuity equation of the fluid in order to determine the temporal and spatial development of the state variables pressure p and volume flow Q. For the FSI components, twelve additional equations are solved for the six degrees of freedom (with one force and one displacement quantity each) of the pipe wall. The degrees of freedom of the pipe wall considered are shown in the adjacent figure. The 14 equation model of the FSI library allows the consideration of the following phenomena: Torsion of pipelines around their longitudinal axis Bending of the pipelines where the inertial mass of the fluid and shear deformation are taken into account Elastic or viscoelastic pipe supports, e.g. by clamping units Coupling of axial stresses in the pipeline with the pressure of the fluid (POISSON effect) Exchange of forces and moments at elbows
  3. Hi Ronald, Yes, the implementation of this feature is planned and will be included in the next release until the end of 2018. Regards, Katja
  4. Find concentrated information about DSHplus in the context of HyperWorks on the new Fluidon website for Altair customers.
  5. Yes. DSHplus enables the user to link DSHplus models with other software via FMI for model exchange or co-simulation, e.g. the models can be linked with Activate, MotionSolve, Hyperstudy, VisimSimulate or Matlab/Simulink. In addition the DSHplus results can be stored as Altair Data Format (adf).
  6. DSHplus can be used excellently as a learning tool for the diciplines like hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics or control. A tutorial for a quick introduction to the program is included. Formulas and basic knowledge can be viewed in the libraries. Practical exercises on prepared examples can be used to develop an better understanding of fluid power. DSHplus is ideal for efficient preparation for examinations or master theses.
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