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  1. jajajaja thanks a lot @Hyperman in the morning i realized that a contact type 7 was setting wrong, and also i have to check the units. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hello @Hyperman now I have this energy balance curves, I as understand when there are a lot of elements sliding and being crushed is normal to obtain high values of energy. But is there a way to improve this energy balance? I am using : type 7 contact and 11
  3. Hello @Hyperman Thank you for all the help. I was trying to run this file rigid wall vs rigid_0000.rad But it shows me some seconds after this message this is the setting that I am using Could you give me some advice, please?
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PbYI0ZzZndKmKo73Oq5hgLAcdw8_NrCH
  5. Hello, I could not see the model becasue I am using an ancient vertion of Hypermesh could you share the model using radioss or using an ancient vertion of hypermesh, please. I followed your advice about setting a plane but now a have this problem NEGATIVE VOLUME OF TETRA In the model checker tab What can I do?
  6. How can I set the rigid body settings in order to avoid the penetration into the rigid wall .
  7. Hello, we are trying to make a drop test, but the rigid body dones't stop when it get contact with the rigid wall Whan ca we do? The normal direction is right but we don´t know how to solve this. I can share my file to you, in ordert the solve this problem. https://ftam1.altair.com/filedrop/~Ce4god  i sent some files.
  8. @George P Johnson Could you share model file for /MAT/LAW70. Again please. model_0000.rad model.h3d
  9. Hello @Prakash Pagadala we´ve been working with the model of honeycomb strucuture. Why this model y so flexible, and what has happened with the energy curve because the don't apeear? What can we do?
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