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  1. Hi Nguyen, Unfortunately I cannot share the model here. Could you please let me know the above procedure to make this to work? Thank you. Regards, Harish
  2. Hi Nguyen, Thanks for your response. Could you please elaborate on defining local CS? Regards, Harish
  3. Hi Nguyen, Sorry for not posting the pictures. As an example, I have to morph the mesh (in pink) onto the surface (in blue). So the first step here is aligning both of them. I wanted to know if there are better methods to align other than 'position command'? Or if there is a script based method where I can input a transformation matrix to align these two entities?
  4. Hi, I am trying to morph a mesh onto a surface using 'morph to geometry' command. Before morphing, it is important to align the mesh and geometry correctly. For this I used 'Tool>position' command. But I had to use this command several times to align the to entities correctly. Since I have to do a lot of morphing on different entities, I was wondering if there is any automatic/semi automatic way to align them appropriately before morphing? Or is there a script based method to input a 4x4 transformation matrix into Hypermesh for aligning two entities? Thanks for your help. Regards, Harish
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