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  1. Hi Peter, the CMA is correctly calculated. It is also calculated modal weighting coefficient, surface currents and radiation patterns. Thank you for your help. Have a nice day.
  2. Hi Peter, I am currently recalculating the CMA according to yours settings. I will let you know, when it be done.
  3. There is 1 notice and 1 warning: NOTICE 37561: Characteristic mode analysis may require a finer mesh compared to standard full-wave solution techniques, to accurately capture higher order mode behaviour The model has finer mesh than the "mesh size:fine" setting. Triangle edge length is set to 0.5. WARNING 37630: The eigenmodes calculated for CMA are not all orthogonal. It could be fixed by switching to "Data storage precision: double precision" in Solver settings. Which I already did it. What do you suggest?
  4. Hi Peter, I recalculated the simulations in order to obtain farfield, currents distribution and modal weighting coefficient. The POSTFEKO shows only first 9 modes. I used the CMA plotter. In the CADFEKO, the number of modes to calculate is set to 100 but it is not enough. In your model, did you change that number to higher number? Or did you change anything except the voltage port?
  5. Thank you for answer, I really appreciate your help. I am currently recalculating the antenna. There is some error in the results and the surface currents won't show up. I expect that the results will be calculated on friday the 8th. Based on the calculated modal significance, the antenna works in the 4th mode? What if I set the start frequency of the CMA to 9 Ghz, the 4th mode will becomes to 1st mode?
  6. Hi, I have a HMSIW linearly polarized U-slot antenna (see attachment #1 and #2) tuned at 10 GHz (see attachment #3) and I would like to calculate a modal analysis. I am interesting in first 10 modes. The antenna should operates in fundamental mode which is TE 0.5;0. Based on the results calculated by FEKO (see attachment #4), the antenna operates in the 7th mode which is not correct, the 6th and the 8th modes are not calculated at all and the 9th mode is some kind of artefact. I think the modal analysis is not correctly calculated at all. Quick info about settings: start frequency: 3 GHz end frequency: 18 GHz frequency step: 50 MHz (301 frequency samples) number of modes to calculate: 100 model has infinite dielectric substrate (Arlon CuClad 217 with er = 2.17 and tan(alfa) is set to zero) and infinite ground plane mesh is finer than mesh size: Fine setting (length of the edge is 0.5) data storage precision: double precision What I am doing wrong? HMSIW linearly polarized antenna.cfx HMSIW linearly polarized antenna.pdf
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