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  1. Hi Prakash, I'm currently just trying to do the analysis. I still have some problems with unrealistic displacement when I managed to solve it previously, but that's a different matter. For some reason when I try it now, Optistruct gives me the error. Here is the .out file Attempt8_19_12_17.out
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to run a basic stress and displacement analysis using Optistruct however I get this error: Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 2202 *** Error(s) encountered during element check ***** Element Validity Check Failed ***** *** PROGRAM STOPPED: ERRORS DURING ELEMENT QUALITY CHECK. I have disabled the element checking in Control Cards however it still checks as if I've done nothing. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
  3. Hi Sanjay, I did your second suggestion and it works! Thanks a lot again!
  4. Hey Sanjay, I've ran into another issue. I realized that whenever I try to mask the body's mesh to view the mesh of the dashboard and spars, the whole mesh goes missing. I am trying to set contacts by hiding meshes one by one and selecting the relevant elements. When I click on the icon circled in blue, the entire mesh disappears. I have also tried right clicking on the other components and selected "make current" but still disappears when the body mesh is hidden. Any ideas? Also, I am using a tetra volume mesh for the dashboard and spars and a 2D automesh for the body.
  5. Hi Sanjay, Thanks for the reply. I just tried your solution and I just realized that the surface body is not seen because the dashboard has been magnified by 1000 times. I'm not sure why this is so. Maybe it is because Design modeler exports geometries using meters while solidworks exports geometries based on whatever units were chosen. I drew the dashboard in millimeters by the way. So I just scaled down accordingly. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hello, I am trying to analyse and optimize the chassis of a composite car. The body will be made out of woven carbon fiber and aluminium honeycomb but at the same time, to add stiffness, there will be spars and a dashboard made out of PVC foam, layered with carbon fiber to add to the structural strength and torsional stiffness of the vehicle. Here is a picture As you can see, the blackish/gray is the dashboard, the green are the spars and the red is the body. So what I did was I imported all 3 files together. Since I've made these parts in relative to each other, they fit perfectly without having to "mate" anything in Optistruct as you would do in Solidworks. The problem arises when I try to upload the body AND the spars/dashboard together. The body was originally a full solid used to run CFD. Later, it was shelled in solidworks so it was hollow but still had a thickness. This would be a problem is I were to try to layer carbon fiber on it. So what I did was that I uploaded it to design modeler, thinned all the surfaces and I achieved a pure surface body, which was perfect for layering carbon fiber. However, it seems that when I try to upload the surface body together with a solid body, the surface body disappears. Everything is fine when I upload the surface body. Now when I try to upload the dashboard, the surface body disappears and only the solid body remains. Does anyone have any ideas how to get around this?
  7. So I would need to import a solid geometry representing the core of the laminate? Will the contacts be automatically set or do I have to set them myself?
  8. Hi Prakash, Sorry for the late reply. I have finally gotten the time to get to this. Your solution worked but I'm still unclear about a few things Ply 3 and 8 are my core material. I am given material properties in 3 directions for my core material. Choosing MAT8 will only allow me to input material properties pertaining to 2 axis. Will this adversely affect my solution? Also, does the number "1" in any material property, for example, G12, refer to the X direction?
  9. Hi, I am a new user to Hyperworks. I am trying to analyse and optimize a composite monocoque chassis. I haven't gotten to the optimization part yet as I'm stuck trying to even run the analysis. Every time I try to run the analysis I get the following error: *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 3 referenced by PLY # 3, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 3 referenced by PLY # 8, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). What I have done is that I have a symmetric stack of 2 layers of carbon fiber, aluminium honeycomb and 2 layers of carbon fiber. I have defined carbon fiber as MAT 8 and the honeycomb as MAT9ORT. The property I have specified for the geometry is PCOMPP. I have added pin joints to the rear suspension and a torsional load at the front suspension. I understand that another thread has been posted about this but I don't understand what the replies are telling me to do. Any help would be appreciated.
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