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  1. Thank you very much Abdessamed for your kind response. I would follow your instructions to export data to a CSV. Appreciate you help. Have a wonderful day ahead. Balaji
  2. All, I am new to flux simulation software. Would anyone please kindly advise if I can export the simulation result out of FLUX user interface as a CSV file format? Also, Please advise any help to learn post processing result files using the embedded python window in FLUX Balaji
  3. I am a new user to FLUX software. I am trying to calculate induced currents on a neighboring conductor due to a current carrying conductor experiencing a steady AC 60 Hz current. I learnt that scenarios such as this are best handled in transient magnetic simulation. I have set up everything and successfully executed the simulation. I am however struggling to post process the information. At the very least, I am struggling to generate a simple time domain 2D plot of source current (60 Hz, AC sinusoidal wave). Any one please kindly advise how do I go about plotting time domain plots as opposed to generating an animation. I am okay if you may direct me to the right section of any user manual. Please accept my apologies if I am initiating a new thread is not justifiable for this question.
  4. Dear Members, I am required to view all LOS servers serving a receiver pixel in the prediction area using network modelling tool. I understand that DPM considers the dominat path and it need not necessarily the line of sight path. Is there a setting which I can change for DPM or any other solver in ProMan to perform only LOS coverage. Please advise. Thanks Balaji
  5. Hello everyone, I notice that, for 802.11n 5GHz air interface, max data rates in DL and UL in 64 QAM High Transmission Mode (MCS) is 62.68 KBit/sec. This value seems very low. I understand from literature that 802.11n has a max theoretical data rate of 450 Mbps. I request forum members to please guide me which settings in MCS or anywhere in network planning tool which I need to change to increase this data rate to real world values. Please advise. Thanks Balaji
  6. Hi All, I have been exploring weather WinProp (ProMan) can be used for real time applications. The main obstacle for real time performance is the time winprop takes to provide heat maps. I think, if we could query winprop to provide point to point values instead of a entire prediction plane of many points, then we can unlock its real time potential. Would you please advise if there an API or something through which can accomplish this. Thanks Have a great day Balaji
  7. Thanks a lot reinerh, your advise worked very well. I sincerely appreciate your help Best regards Balaji
  8. Hi all, Please advise if there is a way in which I can obtain difference heat maps for more than 1 antenna in the prediction rectangle. for Example, firstly load 4 antennas into the prediction rectangle using Edit --> Combine data --> Max value. Then, subtract this combined heat map with another combined heat map with 4 antennas which were already loaded using Edit --> Subtract --> Value (File, Linear) . So Its basically 4 antennas - 4 antennas. Is it possible in ProMan. Please advise Thanks Have a great day Balaji
  9. Hi all, The ProMan simulation that am currently working on has close to 30 antennas. It feels tedious and frustrating to do 'Edit--> Combine data --> Max value' manually for each antenna every time I run the simulation. Please help me find out if there is a way where all antennas heat maps can be loaded at one go. Thanks Have a great day Balaji
  10. I got the above dialogue (message) when I did try to compare time variant with non time variant. I needed to compare at time instant t=7 and t=13 for example for my application so current time step of t=0 doesn't work. I used DPM propagation model for my analysis.
  11. In my analysis, I observed that, the time variant and non-time variant simulation results are not exactly identical in the entire prediction area (As we would usually expect). I observe sharp differences especially towards the edges of the prediction area. - I tried to view the 4D prediction to confirm whether the models and transmitters are exactly identical. However, my ProMan hanged responding very very slowly. - I also tried to export results and compare, However the time variant simulation's ASCII file is huge (~700-800 MB). This could be because time variant model is exporting data for all time instances. Please advise if there is a way I can find out the reason for differences am observing between time variant and non time variant (exactly identical to time variant) ProMan simulations. One way to understand this is to find out if we can extract data only for the single time instant and/or if we can 3D view to compare the prediction plane (time variant and non time variant simulations) without ProMan hanging. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks Balaji
  12. in my analysis I observed that, Time variant and non-time variant simulation results are not exactly identical (as we would usually expect) in the entire prediction area. I see sharp contrasts especially towards the edges of prediction area. I tried to view the prediction in 3D, however time variant 3D view is responding very very slow. I tried to export results and compare, however the time variant ASCII file is very huge (~700-800MB). It could be because time variant model Is exporting data for all time instances which I don't need. Please advise if there is a way I can extract data only for single time instant? Also, please advise if I can 3D view the time variant simulation result without hanging my ProMan. Please advise Thanks Balaji
  13. In continuation to the procedure explained above, The Edit window provides multiple options to superimpose the heat maps. for example, heat maps can be added, subtracted, multiplied and combined too with max value, min value and mean value as options within combine dialog.
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