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  1. Am currently exploring how to integrate components into my ProMan simulation model. I've learnt that cables can only be connected between two existing components using mouse pointer. I am however finding it difficult (oftentimes frustrating) to understand couple of error messages that keep popping up when I try connect splitters -splitters , splitters-antennas etc., 1) Could not connect cable, not enough exits available on components and 2) Cannot connect cable, connection would cause a closed circuit I suppose I may need some tutoring on basic fundamentals that govern cable connection principles. I could not find much help in ProMan user guide. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day Balaji
  2. Thank you very much @mvogel for your valuable inputs. Really appreciate your help. Have a wonderful day Balaji
  3. Thanks a lot @mvogel. Disabling elevation profile removed the topological data in WallMan. However, I was getting the following errors in WallMan when I try to open the .ida file using File ->open database. (regardless of checking or un-checking elevation data) Error 252 Shape of Building not found in database Warning 1023: No wall of the data base considered (not inside WALL BOX) Material ID of Wall 9 is not allowed! Set to default material! Material ID of Wall 10 is not allowed! Set to default material! and so on for many walls. Please kindly advise where may I have made misstep in building tunnel and defining materials in TuMan. Thank you very much Balaji
  4. @mvogel, Thank you for the document. I simulated a two antenna system with and without DAS. I could observe the variation in signal strength between without interference (same signal group, no MIMO) and with interference (same signal group, with MIMO). I hope I saw what I intended to observe. In addition to this, as I learn more about DAS, I learnt that DAS architecture contains a Base station connected through an RF coax cable to a DAS head end equipment called master unit which is in turn connected to multiple remote units through fiber optic cables. These remote units are further connected to many distributed set of antennas. Please advise if I may be able to simulate this architecture with help of Winprop (Wallman, Aman, Proman and Compoman).
  5. Thank you very much for your quick response mvogel. I sincerely appreciate your kind help. I would review the material and will reach out incase of any doubts.
  6. Hi, I am exploring TuMan. I followed the example set provided in advanced folder 'ad11_Tunnels_and_station'. At the end of building tunnels in Tuman when I import the geometry into WallMan, I get a message which states that the database contains additional topo data. I had not created any topological information intentionally in Tuman. Please kindly advise where have I made a misstep in building tunnels in Tuman. I would expect this topographical elements not exist as I have not created them intentionally. Please advise. Best regards Balaji
  7. I am exploring to find an example or tutorial on how to design and/or use Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in WinProp. Please lend any help in this regard. Thank you very much Balaji
  8. I am new to flux environment and I have been modelling simple EM use cases. One such use case is H field calculation for a single conductor carrying current in air medium. I drew and plotted the magnetic field magnitude (A/m) using the sensor functionality. I am however finding it hard to compare the result with hand calculations. The expression for H is Current/(2Xpi X distance). The simulation result does not seem to match with the hand calculation. I see the result is off by the order of 10^6. I suspect, I may be reading the units erroneously. Please lend any help in understanding the output units of flux simulations.
  9. Thank you very much Abdessamed for your kind response. I would follow your instructions to export data to a CSV. Appreciate you help. Have a wonderful day ahead. Balaji
  10. All, I am new to flux simulation software. Would anyone please kindly advise if I can export the simulation result out of FLUX user interface as a CSV file format? Also, Please advise any help to learn post processing result files using the embedded python window in FLUX Balaji
  11. I am a new user to FLUX software. I am trying to calculate induced currents on a neighboring conductor due to a current carrying conductor experiencing a steady AC 60 Hz current. I learnt that scenarios such as this are best handled in transient magnetic simulation. I have set up everything and successfully executed the simulation. I am however struggling to post process the information. At the very least, I am struggling to generate a simple time domain 2D plot of source current (60 Hz, AC sinusoidal wave). Any one please kindly advise how do I go about plotting time domain plots as opposed to generating an animation. I am okay if you may direct me to the right section of any user manual. Please accept my apologies if I am initiating a new thread is not justifiable for this question.
  12. Dear Members, I am required to view all LOS servers serving a receiver pixel in the prediction area using network modelling tool. I understand that DPM considers the dominat path and it need not necessarily the line of sight path. Is there a setting which I can change for DPM or any other solver in ProMan to perform only LOS coverage. Please advise. Thanks Balaji
  13. Hello everyone, I notice that, for 802.11n 5GHz air interface, max data rates in DL and UL in 64 QAM High Transmission Mode (MCS) is 62.68 KBit/sec. This value seems very low. I understand from literature that 802.11n has a max theoretical data rate of 450 Mbps. I request forum members to please guide me which settings in MCS or anywhere in network planning tool which I need to change to increase this data rate to real world values. Please advise. Thanks Balaji
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