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  1. Hi Rahul, Thank you for the advice. I deleted the four corners and mid part with only Polynurb part left and the 3D printing worked this time. So the problem might be due to the overlapping of solid in some region. Regards, Jiaming
  2. Hi Rahul, Thank you for the reply. Below are the screenshots of the error I've met. The 1st picture is the image of the 3D printing software I used( Its name is UP. ), and that's how it shows when I open the stl file in it. The second screenshot was the situation when I open the stl file in solidworks and clicked 3D print in menu. The 3rd screenshot was the situation when I want to transfer the model to stl format in SolidWorks from prt format. Could you please give me some suggestions, or if you can successfully process the 3D printing, could you tell me how you did it. Many thanks!
  3. Hi there, I have met a problem with Inspire concerning polyNURBS modelling and transfer the model to stp and stl file. After using the optimization function I use the polyNURBS function in Inspire to build up the model. Then I tried to transfer the model to stl file for 3D printing, but the model was damaged when I open it in 3D printing software. I also try to transfer it to stp file to try to open it in solidworks, but I found the polyNURBS solid change to surface from solid part during the file transfer from stmod format to stp format, and damages can be found on the polyNURBS surface after the transfer. I have try many times but always get the same problem. I wonder what was the reason of this and how to fix it. I have attached the relative files. Thank you fullsize2.stmod fullsize2.step fullsize2.stl
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