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  1. Hello to everyone. I have recently installed Inspire 2018 and I had the pleasure to work with Inspire 2017.2 for couple of months ago and it was generally a pleasant experience - While some features where missing the ease of use made up for that. I am a part of a formula student team and I had to analyse a new mount for a chair made up of composites. While I know that Inspire doesn`t support composites, I decided to give the chair properties as if it was homogeneous and isotropic but with the weakest properties of carbon fiber. I set up the forces, the mounts and the connectors but when the analysis run it crashed with the error: Analysis Error2202 Prior to that I got different error message: Analysis Error15 with the same model just with less load cases. I remember having this problem before on some of my models on Inspire 2017.2 and I couldn`t solve it. I tried to run analysis on different model (just a square beam with force on its edge) just to see if the error will appear and it didn`t. I will link my model. I tried to run the model on two of my computers and had the same error on both of them Here are the specs: Laptop - Asus S56c with: Nvidia GT-720M gpu Intel i7 3537U 2Ghz with 8gb Ram Windows 10 pro installed on SSD PC: Nvidia GTX-970 gpu Intel i5 6700 3.5Ghz with 16gb Ram Windows 10 pro installed on two RAID0 SSD`s With Great Respect, Moshe K. Mechanical Engineering Student. Part: Chair Mount.stmod Pictures:
  2. I am really sorry for the long time it took me to answer. I will share the folder if you will explain to me where can I find this file and how much files there are exactly. Thank you.
  3. I tried optimizing a new part and run analysis afterwards and faced the error 61 again. Specifications: OS: Windows 10 (64bit). With all updates. GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB of GDDR5 256bit interface (desktop GPU) with up to date drivers. CPU: intel Core i5 6600 3.5Ghz with 16GB of DDR4 Ram. not overclocked. More than enough storage on SSD. SolidThinking inspire 2017.2.1 Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. I changed this location to some arbitrarey folder I created on my hard drive (not in disk C) Still it does`t work. Error 61..
  5. I tried running the same file on other machine, with the same inspire version (2017.2.1) and it worked. Then I tired reinstaling inspire on my machine while making sure its instaled on a new location, which path contains only english characters. to my disapointment, it didn`t help. I need version 2017.2.1 to avoid compatibility issues with other team members. And as I memtioned it worked on a different computer what makes this problem stranger. I appriciate the quick reply and apologize for my english.
  6. Hello! I have an issue which keep occuring to me in this particular part and I don`t understand why its occuring. Basicly I run optimization proccess for a part with several load cases. Then when I try to analizing the optimized part, the analysis shortly fail and spit out: error code 61. I tried running the analysis for several optimization solutions facing the same issue time after time. Unfortunately, I couldn`t find any usuful information regarding this error code. I added the Inspire file and did my best making it easy to understand. Please addreass this topic and help me solve the problem. Front_Left_Upright.stmod
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