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  1. In a deep drawing of cylindrical cup, the blank material is not flowing through the die. The blank material gets expanded without forming. What may be problem? Please provide any solution for this. video_20190401_002706.mp4
  2. Due to which reason, I don't know the material is not flowing to get the proper proper product. The material is getting expanded without flow. I have followed the tutorial Hyperform for Manufacturing Simulation Day 4. Please anybody give me proper solution. I got fainted up doing this more than 25 times. video_20190401_002706.mp4
  3. I did Simulation in Hyperform Incremental Radioss by Autoprocess method. This kind of error is occurring Please help me to solve this problem.
  4. I am new to NVH analysis. I am doing SAE TRACTOR DESIGN COMPETITION. I I need to do NVH analysis in tractor. I didn't any video on YouTube. I also didn't get any proper procedure. So kindly help me to this analysis. Please upload a video on NVH analysis. Most of us will get benefitted from that.
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