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  1. Helloİ Does RADIOSS allow functionally graded thickness ? If yes. Could someone help me please.
  2. Hello I have two geometry rectangular and hexagonal. I used same material and same mesh size for both. why their time step is different.
  3. Thanks @Ivan I got an error. could you please check the model. honeycombbb_0000.rad honeycombbb_0001.rad
  4. Thanks a lot @Ivan for your helps here is my model but it is not complete yet.. CAD model not drawing at surface, maybe the error was because of this ? honeycomb_0000.rad honeycomb_0001.rad
  5. Firstly Thanks for your reply I am new for this field. Here is my model. made of PLA elastomer and Produced with 3d printer. which prop and mat card ı need to use. I try use law 65 with shell(1) but I got some errors.
  6. Hello; I need to do dynamic analyss of honeycomb which made of elastomer (PLA, ABS, TPU). Which material card I should use ? Thanks.
  7. Hello; I have .rad file for dynamic analysis. But I need to do quasi-static analysis with 5 mm/s constant velocity. How could I define time step. otherwise the solution may takes weeks. Could someone help me.
  8. Hello; How can ı see the plastic strain and von misses changes in the elements.
  9. Hello; I want to do composite crash analysis. is there any tutorial ? Thanks.
  10. hi @Wisawanart ı have same issue. did you solve the problem ? could u please contact with me ? huseyin.beytut@btu.edu.tr
  11. hello; I'm doing optimization using hyperstudy and want to obtain kriging interpolations. I cannot find the respond surface option in 2017.2. edition . it was available in version 12 (see figure )
  12. thanks for your quick reply :))
  13. Hello; Could someone explain, what is number of integraion point throught thickness ? and how it effect the hourglass energy ?
  14. hello again; which option I should choose. Elements are 2d type.
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