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  1. Could someone help me please. How can I connected this two composite laminates with epoxy resin ?
  2. Hello everyone I neeed to joint two composites by epoxy adhesive. Could anyne help me please. How could I create epoxy adhesive and how could ı assign material to epoxy. thanks..
  3. Helloİ Does RADIOSS allow functionally graded thickness ? If yes. Could someone help me please.
  4. Hello I have two geometry rectangular and hexagonal. I used same material and same mesh size for both. why their time step is different.
  5. Thanks @Ivan I got an error. could you please check the model. honeycombbb_0000.rad honeycombbb_0001.rad
  6. Thanks a lot @Ivan for your helps here is my model but it is not complete yet.. CAD model not drawing at surface, maybe the error was because of this ? honeycomb_0000.rad honeycomb_0001.rad
  7. Firstly Thanks for your reply I am new for this field. Here is my model. made of PLA elastomer and Produced with 3d printer. which prop and mat card ı need to use. I try use law 65 with shell(1) but I got some errors.
  8. Hello; I need to do dynamic analyss of honeycomb which made of elastomer (PLA, ABS, TPU). Which material card I should use ? Thanks.
  9. Hello; I have .rad file for dynamic analysis. But I need to do quasi-static analysis with 5 mm/s constant velocity. How could I define time step. otherwise the solution may takes weeks. Could someone help me.
  10. Hello; How can ı see the plastic strain and von misses changes in the elements.
  11. Hello; I want to do composite crash analysis. is there any tutorial ? Thanks.
  12. hi @Wisawanart ı have same issue. did you solve the problem ? could u please contact with me ? huseyin.beytut@btu.edu.tr
  13. hello; I'm doing optimization using hyperstudy and want to obtain kriging interpolations. I cannot find the respond surface option in 2017.2. edition . it was available in version 12 (see figure )
  14. thanks for your quick reply :))
  15. Hello; Could someone explain, what is number of integraion point throught thickness ? and how it effect the hourglass energy ?
  16. hello again; which option I should choose. Elements are 2d type.
  17. my out file for 2. run model1_0000.out
  18. Hello; I trt to do spotweld optimization( location) on crash box using hypermorph and hyperstudy . İ change the location of spotweld domains . And ı see its location change in structure. But when ı run the optimization in hypersrudy it give me failure after 2. Run. İs it possible do spotweld location optimization using hypermorph and hyperstudy?
  19. Hello; I want to optimize the location of the trigger in the crashbox. When I changed the trigger position with the handles, the mesh changes. does the mesh automatically correct in each solution (50 iteration) or does it stay the same during the solution?
  20. thanks for your reply. I export the mapped file. Then import the .rad file to Hypercrash. https://i.hizliresim.com/oVXAn7.jpg Which property card I have to define ? whitout thickness there is error. https://i.hizliresim.com/0zR77V.jpg
  21. Please I need help? I import the mapped file (.rad) to hypercrash. But without thickness value (property_surface-shell) I couldnt run analys. Which property card İ should use ?
  22. after mapping I export the results and open the .rad file for crash analys. but for property ı have to enter thickness value. But ı want to see the effect of thickness change during forming for crash analys. how can I create property without enter thickness value.
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