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  1. hello mr sanjay, why when i animate, the right ring that suppose to hold the pin is dislocate?
  2. can i have your email mr sanjay. because this is my final project thank you
  3. thank you mr sanjay. How about this? i apply all the loads on the non design space but still the same. i already separate between design and non design space. really need help.
  4. i have change all the setting base on what you have suggested. however my optimized result still have the same value of von mises. the optimized design violate the yield strength of material. can you take a look. BRACKET.stmod
  5. where i can find the explanation like this? is there any manual?
  6. what is the different between bonded and contact? suppose bonded is something like bolt ?
  7. sorry, i have another question, why the mass of the part became 0 kg? i ran 20% volume and 30 %. when i want to ran 40 % the mass became zero. it is because of the partition??
  8. do you mean that i cannot use partition to separate the o ring shape ? instead of using partition, i need to used cut?
  9. i want to minimize the mass at the same time need to maintain the stiffness
  10. The file in stmod. need help. why i cant get ideal design with ideal stiffness when optimization is done. any process or step that i missed?? BRACKET6.stmod
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