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  1. Hello, I would like to ask you for help. Could it be possible to show directions of principal stresses in HyperView? Thank you for advice.
  2. Hello, I have installed version 2017.2.The error is current.Please, give me an advice. I write a bachelor work and start to cut time.
  3. I do not currently have access to a newer version.Is there a way to solve my problém?
  4. My version is HyperWorks v13.0
  5. Hello, I am sorry, but i do not understand. What should I choose for an option in the window: Select Model Reader and Select Results Reader?
  6. Hello,I want to upload the results from Ansys 18.2 to HyperView.Loading files with RST extension.I do not know what to choose in Select Model Reader and Select Result Reader.
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